TWIGEB (05/24/21-05/28/21)

Hello GEB! Thank you to all who attended our percussion concert and spring concert this past week. We are looking forward to seeing you all tonight at our band banquet! Below you will find all of the details for our upcoming week (05/24/21-05/28/21). Remember to always check for the most updated schedule.


Please use the forms below as you start completing your physical examinations for the 2021-2022 school year. Remember that this exam is due by July 26th and preferred before June 2nd, if possible.

Final Exams

Please bring any school-owned instruments, mutes, mouthpieces, etc. prior or by your final exam date.

Honors Level Band Requirements Due Friday, May 28th

The Honors student must complete the following by Friday, May 28th. Below are the requirements once again for your convenience:

Exhibit an advanced level of participation, skills, fundamentals and performance.
Attend two professional performances (in-person or virtual) or other performances approved in advance by the director each semester in the student’s respective Honors area. Documentation of these performances will include a program/print out and a minimum two page critique of each performance. The paper must be typed 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced and must reflect the writing quality, content, and construction expected of an Honors student. Content must include a summary of the performance, historical references, analysis of the music performed, and a personal reflection on the performance and its influence on the listener.
Attend one fall and one spring concert at your campus in the other music areas. EX: If I’m an band honors student I would attend an orchestra concert in the fall and a choir concert in the spring on my campus, or vice versa. This may be completed virtually if in-person concerts are not allowed. Should there be extenuating circumstances, directors may provide a suitable alternate assignment for credit. Proof of attendance is the only required completion component for credit. These concerts are in addition to the two professional performances listed above and may not be used to complete both. If health regulations and RISD guidelines do not allow for in-person performances students will work with their director to develop an alternate form of completion. You can substitute this requirement for another professional concert as there are limited tickets provided to students in the district.
Prepare all of the TMEA All Region audition materials during the fall. Students will be expected to perform in their entirety each etude/piece for a director. This may be done live, via google classroom, or zoom. This will be done prior to the actual TMEA audition and at the director’s discretion. Audition for All Region during the fall. (This will be done virtually)
Participate in the Richardson Chamber Music Festival as a solo performer and as part of an ensemble.
Upcoming Events:

06/01 – Leadership Work Session (All Leadership)

06/02 – 06/04 – Woodwinds/Brass Mini Camp

06/04 – AP Music Theory Test

06/07 – 06/11 – Percussion/Color Guard Camp

07/26 – 07/27 – Leadership Camp (All Leadership)

07/28 – 08/16 – Full Band Camp

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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