TWIGEB (03/08/21-03/12/21)

Hello GEB,

Below you will find all of the details for our upcoming week (03/08/21-03/12/21). Remember to always check for the most updated schedule.

Howard Dunn Concerto Finals Competition Recap

Wow! What an amazing night of music! Below are the results from our Concerto Competition:

Non-Varsity Outstanding Performer – Ethan Knecht
Non-Varsity Outstanding Performer – Nathan Lamoreaux
Non-Varsity Outstanding Performer – Irene Lewis
Non-Varsity Outstanding Performer – David Goodson

9th-10th Division

1st Place – Sydney Holsenbeck
1st Runner-up – Anderson Gillette
2nd Runner-up – Juan Fajardo
Honorary – Mia Simmons

11th-12th Division

1st Place – Ben DiGennaro
1st Runner-up – Amin Norris
2nd Runner-up – Hendon Pollard
Honorary – Josh Holsenbeck
Honorary – Shea Nolen
Honorary – Micah Pressler

RISD Guard Showcase #1 Recap

Outstanding first public performance for our winter guard students! Way to go!

Up Tempo Fundraiser Update

On the first day of the event (Thursday, March 4th), we raised over $8000 for our program! You are amazing! Students – in case you were unable to join us at our meeting, please see below and follow the steps to set-up up you account.

1   Go to the following link: 
2   Participants first and last name – enter the student’s name. 
3   Participants email – enter student's personal email -yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.   
4   Team name-select your section from the drop down menu 
5   Choose a photo to upload - This will be the first thing that will be seen by potential donors when they open their email.  
6   Enter your email list in the box below –make sure to delete any extra symbols or numbers from the list (for example: or <mail to>)&nbsp; Separate each email address with either a comma, space, or hit return. Pick only one of those!! (I usually hit return.) &nbsp;
7   Once you have double checked for typos, hit submit. You will be given a member code: KEEP THIS! Take a screen shot of this to save.&nbsp; MOST IMPORTANTLY: save the link found in blue at the bottom of the screen and paste it into the notes of your phone.&nbsp; This is your personal web page link-open it to view supporters and messages they write.&nbsp;
8   If you need to make changes to your account.&nbsp; Go back to the link above and type in member code.&nbsp; &nbsp;
9   Email Mindy with any questions:&nbsp;

Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsals Begin

In order to prepare for our Pre-UIL Concert, there will be rehearsals starting this week (and will continue after spring break).

Monday, March 8 – Wind Symphony (Marquez) – 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM (screening starts at 5:00 PM). Location: Auditorium
Thursday, March 11 – Concert Band (McKinney) – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (screening starts at 4:30 PM). Location: Auditorium

Percussion Solo Recital – 03/09-03/10

The percussion solo recital will occur on Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 10th in the Richardson High School auditorium. Each performer will be allowed to bring up to four guests to come see the performance. Guests must wear masks at all times, follow social distancing guidelines and pre-screen before attending the event. The auditorium has been sectioned off (2 seats open/4 seats closed every other row) for your convenience. Please contact Mr. Muzquiz if you have any questions.

RABC Board Meeting 03/11

Parents – if you are on the RABC Board, our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 11th at 6:30 PM. You will receive an email from our booster president for Zoom details.

Friendly Reminder – Start Gathering Concert Black Items

In order to avoid distributing concert wear (just as we did with marching uniforms), we will be wearing concert black for our Pre-UIL and UIL concerts that occur in late March/April. If you do not already own black dress clothes (i.e. black button dress shirt, black dress pants, black appropriate dresses, black long socks, black close-toed shoes), please start gathering these items. If this will cause an issue due to financial constraints, please let Mr. Marquez know ( Please have these items prior to March 31st.

Upcoming Events:

03/15-03/19 – Spring Break (PRACTICE!)
03/22 – Wind Symphony Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/23 – Symphonic Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/24 – Concert Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/25 – Symphonic Winds Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/29 – Symphonic Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/30 – Symphonic Winds Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/31/21 – Pre-UIL Concert

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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