TWIGEB (03/01/21-03/05/21)

Hello GEB,

I wanted to share some great news with you all. First, I recently found out that I was nominated/named the 2021 Texas Young Bandmaster of the Year and I will be receiving the award in July at the Texas Bandmasters Convention in San Antonio! To me, this award represents the greatness of our students, parents, directors, administration and lesson staff – THANK YOU! More importantly, my wife and I will be expecting our first child in late August/early September. We are very excited and also wanted to share this great news with our GEB family!

Below you will find all of the details for our upcoming week (03/01/21-03/05/21). Remember to always check for the most updated schedule.

Concerto Competition Finals Performance 03/02

The Concerto Competition Finals performance will be in the Richardson High School auditorium on Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00 PM. Each performer will be allowed up to four guests to come see the performance. Guests must wear masks at all times, follow social distancing guidelines and pre-screen before attending the event. The auditorium has been sectioned off (2 seats open/4 seats closed every other row) for your convenience. Our judges for the evening will be Frank Troyka and Lynne Jackson; they are both on the music faculty at Southern Methodist University. Please contact your accompanist ASAP (if you have not done so) and turn in copies of solo to Mr. McKinney. You may use the practice rooms to rehearse with your accompanist next week. Please see attachment for performance order. Awards ceremony will occur at the end of the event.

RISD Guard Showcase #1 03/03

The first guard exhibition of the year will be on Wednesday, March 3rd at JJ Pearce High School. Guard students – please contact Ms. Maldonado for details.

Up Tempo Fundraiser Student Zoom Meeting 03/04

The Richardson Golden Eagle Band will be kicking off their Up Tempo Fundraising campaign next week. This is our biggest and possibly our only fundraiser of the year!  This is a campaign that allows our students to receive donations for the band from their family and friends.  We will have a mandatory STUDENT meeting on Thursday, March 4th. Please see below for Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 948 3788 4075
Passcode: CMvnn3

To assist our fundraising efforts, we are asking you to help your son/daughter obtain permission for and gather 20 email addresses of his/her closest supporters. Family and friends will then receive an email directing them to the student’s personal web page providing an easy way for them to donate. Up-Tempo Email Campaign Facts:

1.   Safe and Protected – Up Tempo utilizes a safe and secure online donation system.  All data is private and never redistributed. Personal information displayed is less detailed than what is given on a team online roster or your school’s annual yearbook, with no personal information other than name and optional picture/selfie.  Your contacts are strictly private and protected, never sold or shared and will be deleted after the campaign.   
2.   Online donation system – Up Tempo is basically an online donation platform inviting potential donors via email and social media to visit the web page where they can easily donate and support your program.  All supporters will receive an emailed receipt for their tax-deductible gift.  Four reminder emails will be sent throughout the campaign with the option to unsubscribe. 

We are asking you to assist your son/daughter by obtaining permission for and gathering 20 emails and phone numbers of people closes to him/her that may be potential donors. The phone numbers are in addition to the emails-they do not replace them. Make sure to save these emails and phone numbers on the note section of you phone.

Your student will need to have these by Thursday, March 4th.  At 6:30 on March 4th, we will meet on zoom to help set up his/her profile and host our “Live Event” for the students to reach out to the people on their list.  Thank You! 

If you have specific questions regarding Up Tempo Fundraising, please contact Mindy Purcell at 

Friendly Reminder – Start Gathering Concert Black Items

In order to avoid distributing concert wear (just as we did with marching uniforms), we will be wearing concert black for our Pre-UIL and UIL concerts that occur in late March/April. If you do not already own black dress clothes (i.e. black button dress shirt, black dress pants, black appropriate dresses, black long socks, black close-toed shoes), please start gathering these items. If this will cause an issue due to financial constraints, please let Mr. Marquez know ( Please have these items prior to March 31st.

Friendly Reminder – Sectional Information

Sectionals are in full session for all four bands. Please read through communication sent by primary director for schedule. Please note that in-person sectionals are required for Face-to-Face students. Virtual students have the option to attend via Zoom or Face-to-Face (in-person is preferred when possible). Failure to attend sectionals either in person or through Zoom will result in a zero.

Upcoming Events:

03/08 – Wind Symphony Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/09/21 – RABC Board Meeting
03/11/21 – Concert Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/15-03/19 – Spring Break (PRACTICE!)
03/22 – Wind Symphony Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/23 – Symphonic Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/24 – Concert Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/25 – Symphonic Winds Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #1
03/29 – Symphonic Band Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/30 – Symphonic Winds Pre-UIL Dress Rehearsal #2
03/09/21-03/10/21 – Percussion Solo Recital
03/31/21 – Pre-UIL Concert

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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