TWIGEB (02/15/21-02/20/21)

Hello GEB,

Below you will find all of the details for our upcoming week (02/15/21-02/20/21). Remember to always check for the most updated schedule.

No School 02/15/21

Please take instruments and music home so you can practice over the three day weekend! We may also go fully virtual next week on some of the days pending weather. AGAIN, PLEASE TAKE ALL OF YOUR MATERIALS HOME!

Concerto Competition (Prelims) 02/16/21

PRELIMS – Students participating will submit videos through Flipgrid by Tuesday, February 16th at 11:59 PM ( Please login using your g.risd email. Accompanists are not required for the Prelims round, but are highly encouraged.

FINALS – Students who advance to the final round will perform in the auditorium (with accompanist) on Tuesday, February 23rd. Students and families will follow safety protocols as we did for the winter concert. Start contacting your accompanists if you have not done so.

Winners of the 11th-12th division will be then be featured in the RISD Showcase in May.

Percussion Chamber Festival 02/20/21

The High School Percussion Chamber Festival will be on Saturday, February 20th. Please see TWIGEB email attachment for schedule. Guests will not be allowed to attend for this event due to facility restrictions (the percussion recital later in the semester will be an opportunity for guests to attend). With the possibility of bad weather next week and possible cancellation of school/rehearsals, the festival may be moved to Saturday, February 27th (same schedule). Please keep date open on your calendar just in case.

Start Gathering Concert Black Items

In order to avoid distributing concert wear (just as we did with marching uniforms), we will be wearing concert black for our Pre-UIL and UIL concerts that occur in late March/April. If you do not already own black dress clothes (i.e. black button dress shirt, black dress pants, black appropriate dresses, black long socks, black close-toed shoes), please start gathering these items. If this will cause an issue due to financial constraints, please let Mr. Marquez know ( Please have these items prior to March 31st.

Sectionals Information Reminder

Sectionals are in full session for all four bands. Please read through communication sent by primary director for schedule. Please note that in-person sectionals are required for Face-to-Face students. Virtual students have the option to attend via Zoom or Face-to-Face (in-person is preferred when possible). Failure to attend sectionals either in person or through Zoom will result in a zero.

Upcoming Events:
02/23/21 – Concerto Competition Finals (In-person) – contact accompanists!
03/02/21 – Up Tempo Fundraiser
03/09/21 – RABC Board Meeting
03/09/21-03/10/21 – Percussion Solo Recital
03/31/21 – Pre-UIL Concert

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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