Richardson High School All-Region Band Results!!!

Hello GEB,

Thank you to all who auditioned for the 6A High School All-Region Band. You respresented our school and program in such great fashion and the directors are SO proud of you!

It was a historic day for the Richardson High School band program as 64 students earned a spot in the All-Region Band! Furthermore, 13 of these students have advanced to the Area round and will be auditioning for the All-State Band in January.

Juliana Larimer – Piccolo/Flute (AREA)
Chandler Craig – Flute
Juan Fajardo – Flute (AREA)
Ana Filomeno – Flute
Karla Flores Martinez – Flute
Elizabeth Harrison – Flute
Sydney Holsenbeck – Flute (AREA)
Andrea Ruiz – Flute
Sandra Tony – Flute
Nathan Campbell – Oboe
Rachel Chapman – Oboe
Jasmine Gonzalez – Oboe
Benjamin Sykora – Oboe
Logan Cornett-Hanson – Eb Clarinet (AREA)
Abdullah Al Hasoon – Bb Clarinet (AREA)
Ben DiGennaro – Bb Clarinet (AREA)
Tsion Emeru – Bb Clarinet
Caroline Fallin – Bb Clarinet
Irene Lewis – Bb Clarinet
Samuel Morales – Bb Clarinet
Mia Simmons Bb Clarinet
Giselle Yanez – Bb Clarinet
Alena – Bannister – Bass Clarinet
Zander Hilty – Bass Clarinet
Violet Silva – Bass Clarinet
Leah Torres – Bass Clarinet
Nathan Lamoreaux – Alto Sax
Amin Norris – Alto Sax
Allison Scott – Alto Sax
Shea Nolen – Tenor Sax (AREA)
Matthew Hock – Baritone Sax (AREA)
Wyatt Tinsley – Baritone Sax
Jose Aguilar – Trumpet
Shelby Breda – Trumpet
Alexis Hermes – Trumpet
Austin Johnson – Trumpet
Elise Mahler – Trumpet
Chloe Pomajzl – Trumpet
Jordan Estridge – French Horn
Jayda Foster-Hailey – French Horn
Thomas Hogan – French Horn
Gwendolyn Jones – French Horn
Nicole Pennington – French Horn
Evan Scott – French Horn
Lauren Scott – French Horn
Lucas Truly – French Horn
Brian Gray – Trombone
Micah Pressler – Trombone (AREA)
Alex Smith – Trombone
Josh Holsenbeck – Euphonium (AREA)
Seth Lucas – Euphonium
Joshua Forssell – Tuba
Charlie Goranson – Tuba
Robert McElya – Tuba (AREA)
Yannik Balster – Percussion
Cameron Blackman – Percussion (AREA)
Eugene Kinyanjui – Percussion
Alexis Lopez – Percussion
Drew Menifee – Percussion
Towah Neese – Percussion
Hendon Pollard – Percussion
Eduardo Rivas – Percussion
David Wiseman – Percussion (AREA)

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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