RHS Band Virtual/Face-To-Face Update!

Hello GEB,

Great news! I wanted to let you know that the RHS band directors will be teaching ALL of the Virtual and Face-To-Face students in our program. Students will not be taught by other directors in RISD.

Second – We are going to be able to offer VIRTUAL jazz and guard (during the same Face-To-Face period) as we will be allowed to stream the class! Originally, we were not able to offer jazz virtually and our guard was going to be offered during a different period. While the virtual experience may be different for these two classes, it will allow for Virtual students to be engaged in what is happening in the class along with the Face-To-Face students. More importantly, if/when a student decides to come back for Face-To-Face instruction during the 2nd 9 weeks, 3rd 9 weeks, or 4th 9th weeks, it will be a very easy transition. With these accommodations, it now means that EVERY class in our band program will be available whether you chose Virtual or Face-To-Face instruction. Please contact your counselor ASAP to re-add jazz or guard (virtual) if you had to drop it. Below is the list of counselors for your convenience:


Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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