Tomorrow’s Marching Contest – NEED FEEDBACK ASAP!!!

Hello GEB,

I am waiting to hear from the host in regards tomorrow’s marching contest. I would like some input from you before making a final decision. There is a chance that it will get cancelled (4 contests in the DFW area currently have). If it does not, there is a 100% chance of rain in Richardson and 75% in Desoto. Here is where I need your feedback.

If it does get cancelled, the contest might get moved to next Saturday, October 20th or if it does not, we could potentially go to another contest (Duncanville Marching Invitational). I have asked quite of few of the students to get their initial response on trading Saturday’s and they have mentioned 1) they would not mind OR 2) they would be excited about doing the change so they can perform in a contest setting.

If there is anything I should be aware about in regards to making this change, please let me know ASAP ( If everyone feels like we could make this change, then there will not be any activities tomorrow. These sorts of changes to the calendar are not typical in our program.  We would like to thank you for your flexibility and understanding should we make this change.  We feel that it is important to provide the students with a positive performance experience.  By considering this change of schedule, it will help us to keep our students and volunteers safe while protecting our equipment.

I will make the final call tonight – please keep reading your emails. If we cannot make the change for Oct. 20th based on your feedback, I will keep you updated on what the game plan will be for tomorrow.

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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