TWIGEB (02/12/18-02/17/18)

Hello GEB,
Below you will find the details for this week (02/12/18-02/17/18). Remember to always check for the most updated schedule. Please check your sectional times on the website and be practicing your solos/ensembles.
Sectionals THIS Week

Wind Symphony, Symphonic Winds and Concert Band

Monday – ALL Woodwinds
Tuesday – ALL Brass

Symphonic Band

Tuesday – ALL Woodwinds
Wednesday – ALL Brass

Wind Symphony/8th Grade Side-by-Side Concert 02/13/18

Listed below are details regarding concert:

• Call time: 6:15 PM – WIND SYMPHONY students will be seated in the band hall, dressed in concert attire, with all materials, warmed up and ready to tune.
• Approximately 7:00 PM: performance
• Strike stage and sign-out to receive full participation credit

Two grades will be taken at the concert:

Participation grade – in order to receive full credit, students must:
• Be on time for call in the band hall with ALL materials (including concert attire)
• Strike the stage and sign-out once the concert has concluded


Performance grade – in order to receive full credit, students must:
• Maintain a sense of professionalism from beginning to end
• Perform to the best of your ability

As a reminder, concert attire is as follows:

Gentlemen: black tux shoes, black socks, tux pants, white tux shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund, black tux jacket, clean shaven

Ladies: black concert dress shoes, black pantyhose/tights, black concert dress, n0 jewelry, hair back (ponytail)

Texas Music Educators Association Convention

The directors will be attending the Texas Music Educators Association Convention on Thursday and Friday of this week. Below you will find your instructions for those two days:

1. Everyone must practice for the duration of the period and should practice either their Solo, Ensemble and/or Concert Music.
2. You may not use this time for homework.
3. You are not to use this time to see other teachers.
4. You may use the band hall, locker rooms or music library to PRACTICE, not to hang out. Each band director will let their band know where to go.
5. You may only go to the practice rooms if you are having a lesson or if you are practicing with your accompanist.
6. If you need to use the rest room or get a drink of water, you must ask permission from the substitute.
7. Everyone must be in their normal seat with all supplies by 3 minutes after the bell to take attendance (Wind Symphony by 9:00 AM). Anyone not in their seat by that time will be marked tardy or absent.  Once attendance is taken, you can go practice.
8. You cannot pack up before 3 minutes prior to the bell.
9. You must put away all chairs and stands that you used that period.
10. Percussionists are the only students allowed to use to percussion room for practice.

Remember that Mr. Marquez finds out about everything so please follow directions and treat everyone with respect.

Upcoming Events

02/19/18 – No School
02/24/18 – RISD Chamber Music Festival
03/02/18 – TCU Wind Symphony Performance (5th-6th period)
03/03/18 – Colorguard Competition @ Wakeland High School
03/06/18 – Concerto Prelims (auditions)
03/06/18 – AP Music Theory Young Masters Reception/Night at the Opera
03/07/18 – RABC Board Meeting
03/08/18 – Concerto Finals

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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