TWIGEB 11/28/16-12/03/16

This is a copy of your group email.

Hello GEB,

Happy Thanksgiving! Below you will find the details for NEXT WEEK IN THE GOLDEN EAGLE BAND (11/28-12/03):


With a week of break, please do the following:

Check Focus and complete ALL of your school assignments
Practice your instrument (all-region, concert music, musical music, etc.)
Order your solo for the RISD Chamber Music Festival
Complete your Honors Level band requirements

Dress Rehearsals

11/29/16 – Symphonic Winds (4:30 PM – 6:30 PM)
11/30/16 – Concert Band (4:30 PM – 6:30 PM)
12/01/16 – Symphonic Band (4:30 PM – 6:30 PM)

*sectionals are still in regular session

RISD Holiday Parade 12/03/16

It is hard to believe it is almost December! With that comes the holidays, and with the holidays comes the RISD Holiday Parade. Here are the details regarding this event:

Who: Drum majors, colorguard and all wind players NOT participating in the Region 3 High School All-Region auditions

When: Saturday, December 3rd

Where: Meet at the Berkner HS Band Hall
Call time: 7:30 AM
Rehearsal: 7:45 AM
Line-up: 8:30 AM
Parade ends: around 9:30-10:00 AM

Attire: Full Contest Uniform: marching shoes, black socks (mid calf length or higher), bibbers (uniform pants), GEB underarmor, jacket, baldric (sash) plus your favorite holiday headwear, i.e. Santa hat (no shako)

Music: Jingle Bells – it will be handed out in class. Do not forget your flip folder!
Students – pick up your uniforms, marching instruments, and music on Friday, Dec. 2nd and bring them home with you! The band hall will not be open on Saturday morning. You will return your uniforms and instruments on Monday before school. The parade will end at Huffines Park/Apollo JH. Please make arrangements to be picked up at this location. Students who drive – it would be to your advantage to travel in a group of 3-4 and leave a car waiting for you at Huffines Park. After the parade, you can coordinate driving back to Berkner to pick up the other car(s). Students who do not drive – make arrangements to be picked up at Huffines Park. Remember – this is a required event. Attendance will be taken. Please arrive on time with your required attire and materials. When you arrive, please check in with Mr. Reyna.

TMEA Region 3 High School All-Region Phase I Auditions 12/03/16

The Region 3 High School All-Region Auditions will be held at Berkner High School on Saturday, December 3rd. All participating students were registered in their band class and the director(s) reserve the right to prevent a student from attending the audition based on the preparation of the music. The region audition fee is $13. Please submit payment by 5:00 pm to the band safe by Friday, December 2nd. You can pay with cash, money order or check (made out to RABC). Once I receive the audition times from the region chair, a separate email will be sent out to students auditioning with more specific details regarding this event.

Upcoming Events

12/05/16 – All-Region Phase II Auditions (if applicable)
12/06/16 – SW, SB, CB Dress Rehearsals
12/07/16 – Winter Concert (all)
12/09/16 – Honors Level Materials Due (if applicable)

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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