9th Grade All-Region Band Success!!!

RHS represented extremely well at the 9th All-Region Band auditions. We had 18 students place in the band, giving us the third most in Region 3! This is the greatest number of musicians we have had make the 9th grade ensemble in the history of RHS! In addition, what is so impressive is 1/3 of the students are from the RHS Symphonic Band, which is our 3rd ensemble!

9th Grade All-Region Members:

Kendall Estridge – Flute, 4th Chair
Jessica Parks – Flute, 4th Alternate
Blen Kedir – Clarinet, 1st Chair
Emma Socolich – Clarinet, 13th Chair
Alexis Koladycz – Clarinet, 14th Chair
Madison Isenberg – Clarinet, 16th Chair
Lauren LaRocca – Clarinet, 20th Chair
Jocelyn Brown – Clarinet, 6th Alternate
Priscilla Amoako – Bass Clarinet, 1st Alternate
Luke Sweeden – Trumpet, 4th Chair
Jacob Watson – Trumpet, 9th Chair
Raiyaan Khaja – French Horn, 2nd Alternate
Evan Perry – Trombone, 5th Chair
Parker Throneberry – Trombone, 7th Alternate
Mason Henry – Trombone, 8th Alternate
Jimmy Gordon – Tuba, 1st Alternate
Andrew Schafer – Percussion, 2nd Chair
Roy Cuevas – Percussion, 3rd Alternate

RHS has now placed third in the region for both jazz and 9th grade!

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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