All-Region Success!!!

We are very proud of everyone who participated in the Region 3 9th Grade and High School All-Region Band auditions! It was a great two days for the RHS Band with many students placing in the upper portion of their rooms. Additionally, special congratulations go to the following students:

Erin Gilliat, Flute – Wind Ensemble 8th chair (AREA)
Andrew Ly, Flute – Wind Symphony 8th chair
Amelia Brown, Flute – Symphonic Band 3rd chair
Samrawit Belachew, Flute – Symphonic Band 9th chair
Coral Estrada, Flute – 9th Grade Band 1st alternate
Natasha Brandon, Flute – 9th Grade Band 3rd alternate
Ignazio Battaglia, Oboe – Wind Symphony 3rd chair (AREA)
Maggie Hill, Oboe – Concert Band 3rd chair
Natalie Hodde, Eb Clarinet – Wind Symphony 1st chair
Leigh Mercer, Bb Clarinet – Wind Ensemble 6th chair (AREA)
Thomas Martinez, Bb Clarinet – Symphonic Band 3rd chair
Caitlin Earl, Bb Clarinet – Symphonic Band 11th chair
Kate Robinson, Bb Clarinet – 9th Grade Band 8th Alternate
Ryan Cuevas, Bass Clarinet – Wind Ensemble 3rd chair
Jonathan Tackett, Bass Clarinet – Symphonic Band 3rd chair
Caleb Stanley, Bassoon – Concert Band 3rd chair
James Camp, Bassoon – 9th Grade Band 1st alternate
Ricky Estrada, Bassoon – 9th Grade Band 2nd alternate
Aissa Torres, Alto Saxophone – Symphonic Band 1st chair
Anna Fitzgerald, Alto Saxophone – 9th Grade Band 3rd alternate
Austin Townsend, Tenor Saxophone – Concert Band 3rd chair
Samuel Finch, Bari Saxophone – Wind Ensemble 1st chair (AREA)
Nicholas Crothers, Trumpet – Wind Ensemble 6th chair (AREA)
Alexander Leo, Trumpet – Concert Band 5th chair / 9th Grade Band 4th chair
Samuel Salinas, Trumpet – 9th Grade Band 5th chair
Miles Donihoo, Trumpet – 9th Grade Band 14th chair
Coleman Odlozil, French Horn – Concert 1st chair
Kameron Henry, Tenor Trombone – Wind Symphony 4th chair
Ian Hunter, Tenor Trombone – 9th Grade Band 3rd alternate
Marcus Sykora, Bass Trombone – Concert Band 3rd chair (AREA) / 9th Grade Band 2nd chair
Christopher Finch, Euphonium – Wind Symphony 4th chair
Aidan Friedel, Tuba – Symphonic Band 4th chair
Cory Henry, Tuba – 9th Grade Band 5th chair
Zach Seider, Percussion – Symphonic Band 3rd chair
Trent Juarez, Percussion – Symphonic Band 6th chair
Juan Galdamez, Percussion – Concert Band 2nd chair
Jonah Harmon, Percussion – Concert Band 6th chair
Mark Mercer, Percussion – 9th Grade Band 4th

Thank you.

Mr. Marquez

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