High School All-Region Results

A HUGE congratulations to everyone who participated in the Region 3 High School All-Region Band auditions! It was a great day for the RHS Band with many students placing in the upper portion of their rooms. Additionally, special congratulations goes to the following students:

Erin Gilliatt, Concert Band 1st chair Flute
Samrawit Belachew, Concert Band 2nd chair Flute
Andrew Camp, Concert Band 7th chair Flute
Katie Stiborek, Wind Symphony 1st chair Eb Clarinet
Jessica Hill, Wind Symphony 6th chair Bb Clarinet
Krishaye Bowens, Symphonic Band 14th chair Bb Clarinet
Chris Raff, Wind Symphony 3rd chair Bass Clarinet
Blake Tarlton, Symphonic Band 1st chair Bass Clarinet
Kelsey Lemon, Concert Band 6th chair Trumpet
Anna Battaglia, Concert Band 6th chair French Horn
Garrett Braun, Concert Band 10th chair French Horn
Christopher Kirklin, Concert Band 6th chair Tenor Trombone
Zain Walker, Symphonic Band 4th chair Tuba
Kevin Sun, Symphonic Band 5th chair Euphonium
Juan Galdamez, Wind Ensemble 5th chair Percussion (Area/Orchestra)
Eduardo Zapata, Wind Symphony 2nd chair Percussion (Orchestra)
Aaron Perez, Wind Symphony 7th chair Percussion
Trent Juarez, Symphonic Band 1st chair Percussion
Chase Murray, Concert Band 7th chair Percussion

Well done ladies and gentlemen!

Mr. Marquez

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