Hello GEB,

Students – what a crazy Friday! Thank you so much for representing the GEB is such great fashion; I have already received so many compliments about our performances. Below you will find all of the details for this week (09/17/18-09/22/18). There is no game this week. Remember to always check for the most updated schedule.

The UIL eligibility report will be released on Friday, September 29th. That is just two weeks away! Parents and students – please check FOCUS everyday and make sure to be in constant communication with teachers. EVERYONE MUST PASS!
Movement II Pass-offs Continue!
Wind players – we will continue Movement Pass-offs this week. Please practice your music and visuals as rehearsed. Below is the link to Movement I, II and III for your convenience (DO NOT SHARE OR POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA):
Also, please be practicing Movement III. With a bye week, it is our goal to start learning drill this week!
March-a-thon Prizes

Here is what is in store for all who attain a donations for our upcoming March-a-thon on September 29th:

TOP 10 earners will get to pie Mr. Marquez on the day of March-a-thon. You will also receive a crown to wear throughout the day!
TOP PARTICIPATING SECTION will earn a pizza party!
EVERY STUDENT who gets a donation will receive a Dairy Queen coupon for either a FREE ice cream cone or hamburger!
EVERY STUDENT who gets a donation will receive a Dunkin’ Donuts coupon for a FREE donut!

Again, please use the link below to email out to everyone you know. You can also turn in cash and/or checks (RABC) to the band safe. To receive credit, make sure donors put your name. If you are turning in money and/or checks to the band safe, place in an envelope and put your name on it.

LEADERSHIP REMINDER – On Friday, September 21st we will be doing our second round of flyer distribution around the neighborhood to promote the March-a-thon. Please meet in the band hall at 4:15 PM. We will be done by 5:00 PM.

Plano Drumline Contest 09/22/18

The GEB drumline, front ensemble and wind soloists will be performing at the Plano Drumline Contest on Saturday, September 22nd. Please see below for details:

1:00pm: Rehearsal in the band hall
3:00pm: Rehearsal concludes/load trucks
4:00pm: Dinner TBD
5:00pm: Grab uniform garment bag/shoes and any items needed. NO shakos.
5:15pm: Load busses/depart
5:45 pm: Arrive, unload, and change into uniform
6:45 pm: Warm-up
8:00 pm: Leave for gate
8:12 pm: Gate
8:24 pm: Performance begins
8:36 pm: Performance ends

After our performance, we will return to busses, load the trucks and change into regular clothes (wear your Danza de la Rosa t-shirts).  We will then head to the stadium for last performances/ award ceremony.

9:24pm: Contest concludes
9:45pm: Awards ceremony
10:15pm: Load busses, head back to RHS
10:45pm: Arrive at RHS, return uniforms/shoes to uniform room, unload trucks.

You may want to bring a jacket in case it gets cool in the evening. You may also want bring a little cash for concessions.

Contest site:

John Clark Stadium
6600 Stadium Dr.
Plano, TX  75023

RHS will be competing in AAA Standstill.  This is the largest classification for this contest.  Here is the list of the schools performing in our classifications:

7:12: Faith Family Academy at Oak Cliff
7:24: Duncanville
7:36: Marcus
7:48: Allen
8:00: Irving Nimitz
8:12: Sherman
8:24: Richardson
8:36: North Mesquite
8:48: Arlington
9:00: Plano East
9:12: Hebron

Upcoming Events

09/25 – Dallas County Assembly Drumline Performance (2nd/3rd period)
09/28 – RHS vs WT White (Away)
09/29 – March-a-thon
10/04 – Pep Rally/ RHS vs Pearce (Home)
10/05 – Marching Band Rehearsal (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
10/06 – Little Elm Marching Contest (all day)

Thank you,

Mr. Marquez

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