9th Grade All-Region

Event: 9th Grade All-Region
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012
Location: Rockwall-Heath HS
Call Time: 7:30 AM (we are providing a bus to take you to/from Rockwall-Heath HS)
Departure: 7:45 AM
Estimated arrival time back to Richardson HS: 6:00 PM
Attire: Dress Clothes
Check List:
• Money for Concession Stands/Sack Lunch
• Instrument and Accessories (i.e. reeds, valve oil, etc.)
• Music
• Metronome


1.STUDENT SIGN-IN PROCESS – This will be done at the audition room. Students need to be at the room per their sign-in time on the room assignment list. Students should write down audition letter and keep it with them at all times.

2.“IN THE ROOM” PROCEDURE – The monitor will seat the students in audition order. The students will have a minute to warm up at the beginning of the audition, then another 30 seconds of warm up after every 5th player. The monitor will announce to the judges “THE NEXT PLAYER TO PLAY IS LETTER ….” The player shares equal responsibility in making sure that the correct letter is called out. IF THE WRONG LETTER IS CALLED OUT the student MUST GET THE ATTENTION of the monitor to make corrections BEFORE he or she begins. The student may play the first note of the scale or etude as a warm up. If for any reason during the audition the student has a problem or question they may motion to the monitor to come to them then WHISPER their concerns.

3.There will be three rounds. The first round will consist of two major scales, chromatic scale and etude 1; the second round will consist of etude 2; the last round will consist of etude 3.

4.Percussion will rotate from room to room for each instrument.

5.Please see the linked file for phase one sign in times. Sign-in times for phase two are as follows:

Click here to view phase one sign in times.

9th Grade:
Flute 1:30
Clarinet 1:00
Percussion 12:30

*All results will be posted in the warm up area.
*Students may be picked up after their audition results. Please check out with Susan Kilgore.


1.Students arriving late may audition ONLY if the room has not started the second round of auditions.

2.Students MAY NOT use cell phone-app-metronomes (new state policy). Students MAY use a non-audible metronome to check their starting tempo, as always. It just cannot be a cell phone.

3.Students may only play their instruments in the WARM UP AREA or AUDITION ROOM…NO PLAYING IN THE HALLWAYS!!! Percussion as well.

4.Audition LETTERS have been pre-assigned and you are not to change audition letters or rooms (zones) with any other student.

5.Students should be quiet in the hallways and be respectful of all instruments and equipment in the school.

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