Uniform Replacement Instructions

Misplace your marching shoes, gauntlets, or any other items for band? Below are links and instructions so that you can reorder or re-purchase these items.

Please note, there are no replacements for the UnderArmour Compression Shirts, so please do not lose yours.

Uniform Item Reorder Link
Black MTX Marching Shoes
(be sure to order black)
Black Wind Gauntlets
(be sure to order black)
Tuxedo Shirts http://www.demoulin.com/formal-attire/men/tuxedo-shirts/applause-poly-cotton-wingtip-pleated
Black Cummerbund http://www.demoulin.com/formal-attire/men/cumberbunds/applause-satin-cummerbund
Black Banded Bow Tie http://www.demoulin.com/formal-attire/men/ties/applause-satin-banded-bow-tie
Black Beret for Sousaphones
(be sure to order black)

Black Dinkle Formal Mens Concert Shoes
(be sure to order black)
Black Broadway Womens Concert Shoes
(be sure to order black)
Black Gloves Replacement gloves can be purchased from the uniform room before inspection for $2.60 per pair
(exact change only).
Percussion Gauntlets Replacement percussion gauntlets can be purchased from Mr. Schmuck for $7.50
(exact change only).
Summer Uniform – Shirt & Shorts Replacement summer uniform shirts and shorts can be purchased from Mr. Schmuck for $10.50 per article
(exact change only).
Water Bottles Replacement water bottles can be purchased from Mr. Schmuck for $5.00
(exact change only).

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