Getting Started With Scrip

Getting Started With SCRIP

Detailed Information about SCRIP

1) SIGNING UP: Print, read and complete the RABC Scrip family enrollment form; you can turn it in at registration or email it to or turn in to the band safe. Be sure and sign the waiver if you want your student to be able to
pick up your scrip cards at school, and include their cell phone number so we can send text reminders to them on pick-up days. This form also covers information about accounts with insufficient funds. (If you need a Scrip enrollment form,

2) Go to and click on the “Create Account” tab in the green “Family Sign-Up” box. Follow the instructions there to set up your account, username and password.

3) After you create your account, it will ask you for the enrollment code to link you with our non-profit organization (RABC.) Our enrollment code is found on the Scrip information sheet you received in your band registration packet; or contact scrip coordinator to receive enrollment code at:

4) PAYMENT: We are no longer accepting checks for payment of scrip cards. Payment for scrip orders must be made using PrestoPay. Sign up at for PrestoPay, which is a secure method of electronic payment accessing funds directly from your designated bank account. With PrestoPay you can order scrip cards, reload certain existing scrip cards, or buy ScripNow! (scrip that you can print and use immediately from your home printer). You can read more about it or view tutorial videos on the ShopWithScrip website. PrestoPay
includes a $0.15 convenience charge per order.

5) ORDERING: Now you’re ready to order! Browse through the ShopWithScrip website and select plastic cards or ScripNow! you’d like to buy. Enter your order online and pay for your order with PrestoPay. PrestoPay orders for card reloads or ScripNow can be placed ANYTIME. If ordering plastic cards, your Presto Payment must be completed before the group card order deadline (usually a SUNDAY night at 8:30 pm). If you miss the group order deadline, your order can be saved until the next order, or cancelled by the scrip coordinator.

6) We will place a group card order about every two weeks during the school year, except for school holidays, Winter/Spring Break, and Summer (we do have an abbreviated ordering schedule for the summer.) Please review the Scrip ordering schedule on the web page. You do NOT have to order every time we have a group order.

7) Ordering KROGER Scrip Cards: Kroger is not a ShopWithScrip vendor, but due to popular demand, they have allowed us to add them as a “local vendor.” That means you can order Kroger scrip cards in denominations of $25, $50, or $100 on the ShopWithScrip website along with your other cards, and the scrip coordinator orders and picks up the cards directly from Kroger and includes them with our Scrip card distribution. Our rebate amount from Kroger varies between 3-5% depending on how much we order, we need a minimum $1000 order, and if we order >$5000 we get a 5% rebate. (Note: if you are browsing the ShopWithScrip website, Kroger cards will only be visible if you are logged in to your account with RABC. If you browse without logging in, or log in with a different non-profit, Kroger will not be listed.)

8) DELIVERY: All cards are usually distributed Thursday of the week they were ordered, in the band hall after school, from 4:00-4:30pm. Text message reminders will be sent to students who are approved to pick up cards. If your cards are not picked up on time, you must make arrangements with the scrip coordinator for an alternate pick-up. Check the ordering schedule for any changes in pick-up day/time. Unforeseen schedule changes may necessitate changing the pick up day, place or time; if so, you will be notified by email.

9) REBATES: All card rebates earned go into the general band fund and will go toward reducing the cost of EVERYONE’S band fees and trip costs.

10) COMMUNICATION: We will send out weekly emails with news, reminders and announcements about Scrip to all RABC Scrip participants. There is also an announcement section for RABC on the ShopWithScrip website after you log in. Reminder emails are sent about card pick-up times, and reminders are texted by cell phone to students picking up cards.

11) VIRTUAL PRODUCTS (Reloads & ScripNow!): Note that to reload a card on Scrip, you must have first purchased that card on For example, you cannot use Scrip to add money to an old Starbucks card someone gave you (unless it was purchased with When you select the reload option, it will ask you to enter the card number and give it a name (like, “Mom’s
Gas Card”) to register it. Then you will be able to select which card to reload from a drop down menu.

12) ScripNow! E-gift cards will be available for you to print from your home computer/printer within an hour of payment. Most of the time it will be within just a few minutes. You will also receive an email when it is ready to print. You can go to the ScripNow! tab on your ShopWithScrip account to view your e-gift card. If you have any problems receiving the ScripNow!, contact the RABC Scrip Coordinator at

13) When ordering cards, reloads, or ScripNow! check your shopping cart carefully to make sure you have selected the correct product. People have accidentally ordered plastic cards when they wanted ScripNow, and vice versa. When you order a card reload or ScripNow!, you will usually have to manually enter the dollar amount of the purchase. Some ScripNow! products do have a set amount, however.

14) You can also access the NEW “My Scrip Wallet” mobile website on your smartphone, to buy and access your ScripNow! Purchases and reload cards right from your smart phone! Many vendors will scan your ScripNow! E-cards directly from your phone. See for details.

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