Scrip is our year-round fundraiser with Great Lakes Scrip Center. Buy gift cards for face value for grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, online stores, services and MUCH more, and the band gets a rebate from each purchase! It is EASY and is done from the comfort of your own home on your computer. This fundraiser has HUGE moneymaking potential: it is EASY for each of us to generate $30-50 a month just by making purchases you would already be making anyway.

Once you are signed up for a Scrip account, you can buy:

1) Plastic Gift Cards, which are ordered by RABC as a group every two weeks and delivered to
your student at school (or you can pick them up personally),

2) Instant e-cards called “ScripNow!” that can be printed immediately from your home
computer, or displayed on your smart phone,

3) Reloads of some plastic cards purchased from Great Lakes Scrip Center.

You use your Scrip cards just like any gift card, and you receive full face value for your purchase, i.e. you pay $100 and you get $100 on your gift card. The band gets a rebate from each purchase that varies depending on the type of card, from 2% up to 15% or more! These rebates really add up fast!


1) Fill out & return the Scrip Enrollment Form on band registration day, or turn in to band safe. Sign the waiver at the bottom if you’d like your student to pick up your plastic cards at school, and include the student’s cell number so we can text a reminder on pick-up days.

2) Go to and create an account using the enrollment code for RABC from your band registration packet (or contact

3) Sign up for PrestoPay, an electronic payment method (similar to PayPal) that connects to your checking account. This is the only method of payment we accept for the Scrip fundraiser. Checks are not accepted for online orders.

4) Once your PrestoPay account is set up and activated, you are ready to start ordering Scrip! (more details & instructions will also be available on the band website)

5) You can also load the “My Scrip Wallet” mobile website onto your smart phone to buy and use ScripNow! directly from your phone.

6) A DETAILED page of info about Scrip is available on this section of the website.

Last year we had 40-50 people buying Scrip and raised over $12,000. If EVERYONE in the band raised $40 a month with Scrip we could earn well over $70,000! That would be enough to bring band fees to ZERO and pay for a portion of the band trip as well.

This is the EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE fundraiser we have. Think of all the car washes and spaghetti dinners we can avoid by just a few clicks of the computer!

We are encouraging EVERYONE to sign up for the Scrip fundraiser today!

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