March-a-thon Update

GEB Family, What a GREAT day for the Golden Eagle Band! The staff and RABC are SO very proud of all the band members and parents who tirelessly (or perhaps exhaustedly) made this first annual March-a-thon such a great success. Wow – just wow. Proud to be an Eagle! Mr. Linley

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Colorguard Rehearsal Schedule Info

Please be aware that this upcoming Monday, August 15th, will be the last special hours for the colorguard.  The morning block of rehearsal will start at 8am and end at 12.  After this block, we will follow the regular band schedule.  Please visit the band website for all future rehearsal dates, games, and contests.  Mr. Agustin

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March-a-thon Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our March-a-thon Contest winners! The top 20 individual earners are: 1. Andrew Camp (Tie) 1. Aiden Friedel (Tie) 3. Sarah Giles 4. Lauren Berlin 5. Taylor Debruin 6. Brendan Flores 7. Alyssa Walls 8. Thomas Martinez 9. Zain Walker 10. Grayson Hill 11. Daniela Cruz 12. Blake Tarlton (Tie) 12. Kartika Ayyappan (Tie) 14.  Gabe Schafer 15. Garrett Braun 16. Andrew Ly 17. Shaf Giddins 18. Caleb Stanley 19. Kevin Birkhoff (Tie) 19. Kristin Birkhoff (Tie) 19. Adam Davis (Tie) 19. Ben Doherty (Tie) 19. Jessica Hill (Tie) 19. Aaron Peterson (Tie) 19. Emily White (Tie) The section with the highest “per capita” earnings […]

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March-a-thon Performance Info

The 1st Annual March-a-thon is just around the corner! Here’s all the info that you’ll need in order to make this year’s March-a-thon performance outstanding! Inspection will take place in the RHS Band Hall at 8:30am. It is recommended that students arrive no later than 8:15am in order to ensure they are on time. Students will be inspected for the items listed below. Please check the handbook section on Uniform Inspection in order to answer any questions. It is absolutely vital that students eat a good breakfast before arriving at the band hall. Additionally, all band members need to be drinking […]

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Freshman Orientation Info

Note: Please be sure to read the part of this post that applies to you. Freshmen Freshman Orientation will take place at 6:30pm on Monday, August 15th. All RHS Band Freshmen are excused from the evening session of Band Camp that day in order to attend the Freshman Orientation. Therefore freshmen, your rehearsal schedule on Monday, August 15th looks like this: 7:30a-12p: Morning Session 1:30p-3:30p: Afternoon Sectionals   Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors You will be performing in the Freshman Orientation Pep Rally at 6:30pm on Monday, August 15th. Your rehearsal schedule for 8/15 is the same as all the other […]

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Don’t miss the news!

The most important part of our website is the “News” section which gives you all the info you need about upcoming band events! Be sure to check back frequently and click on “News” in the menu above.

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