RHS Main Phone: (469) 593-3000

RABC Contacts

Executive Board of Directors

Position Name Contact Information
President Debra Gilliland
President Elect(s) Open
Vice President of Fundraising Marcia Barnett
Vice President of Publicity Open
Vice President of Hospitality Fronda Wiseman
Vice President of Volunteers Deanna Forssell
Secretary Melinda Rouse
Treasurer Sharon Nagele

Fundraising Committee

Position Name Contact Information
Sales Coordinators Stephanie Watson
Asst Sales Coordinator Mike Watson
March-a-thon Coordinator Allison Reiff-Martin
Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator Regina Harris
Scrip Coordinator Open
Asst Scrip Coordinator Open
Jazz Dinner Coordinator Open
Jazz Dinner Asst. Coordinator Open

Publicity Committee

Position Name Contact Information
Athletic Coordinator Melissa Youngblood
Historian Open

Hospitality Committee

Position Name Contact Information
Friday Meals Coordinator Loree Westbrooks
Asst. Meals Coordinator Open
Senior Representative Open
Asst Senior Representative Open
Junior Representative Sandra Casados
Asst Junior Representative Open
Sophomore Representative Debbie Seider
Asst Sophomore Representative Open
Freshmen Representative Open
Asst Freshmen Representative Open

Volunteer Committee

Position Name Contact Information
Uniforms Coordinator Krista Schaefer
Asst Uniforms Coordinator Delia Guillamondegui
Percussion Coordinator Michael Frederick
Water Coordinator Tim McConville
Color Guard Representatives Open
Chaperone Coordinator – Spring Trip Krista Schaefer

Secretary’s Committee

Position Name Contact Information
Webmaster Ryan Forssell

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RABC Documents

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CHARMS has music and documents that students will need. You may also see a calender for your students band events.