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Leadership Team


Students Name Leadership Position
Reghan Barnett Drum Major
Kendal Estridge Drum Major
Evan Perry Drum Major
Jennifer Salinas Drum Major



Students Name Leadership Position
Alex Jones Woodwind Captain
Lily Schaefer Woodwind Captain
Jacob Watson Brass Captain
Nicholas Lemon Drum Captain
Andrew Schafer Drum Captain
Autumn Forssell Pit Captain
Timothy Verriere Pit Captain
Cristal Perez Color Guard Captain
Tristan Scott Logistics Captain


Students Name Leadership Position
Thanh Huynh Flute Section Leader
Lexie Wolff Flute Section Leader
Tsion Emeru Clarinet Section Leader
Mackenzie Gilliland Clarinet Section Leader
Lily Schaefer Clarinet Section Leader
Hannah Byers Sax/Low Reed Section Leader
Alex Jones Sax/Low Reed Section Leader
Shea Nolan Sax/Low Reed Section Leader
Shelby Breda Trumpet Section Leader
Anabelle Lawson Trumpet Section Leader
Jacob Watson Trumpet Section Leader
Jordan Estridge Mellophone Section Leader
Jake Parrish Mellophone Section Leader
Jackson Franco Low Brass Section Leader
Jonathan Kirchem Low Brass Section Leader
Nicholas Lemon Battery Section Leader
Luke Sandidge Battery Section Leader
Andrew Schafer Battery Section Leader
Autumn Forssell Front Ensemble Section Leader
Haley Murray Front Ensemble Section Leader
Timothy Verriere Front Ensemble Section Leader
Cristal Perez Colorguard Section Leader
Kieryn Tobias Colorguard Section Leader
Nancina Tyler Colorguard Section Leader
Kendall Armbruster Attendance Crew Leader
Bere’govoy Jones Attendance Crew Leader
Eugene Kinyanjui Attendance Crew Leader
Amin Norris Attendance Crew Leader
Layla Poche Attendance Crew Leader
Brian Gray Logistics Crew Leader
Kyler Moseley Logistics Crew Leader
Micah Pressler Logistics Crew Leader
Anita Renaud Logistics Crew Leader
Tristan Scott Logistics Crew Leader
Leah Torres Logistics Crew Leader
Jacqueline Velasquez Logistics Crew Leader

*All members listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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