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UIL Region 3 Marching Contest

October 17, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Region 3 UIL Marching Contest 10/17/18
The Region 3 UIL Marching Contest is on Wednesday, Oct. 17th. Details for the contest are below.
Here?s how the blocking situation is working – you fall into one of two situations: Eligible: ALL Band and Guard students will be blocked from 4th-7th period. As soon as A Lunch is over at 12:20 PM, you will go to the band hall, grab your instrument, change into rehearsal attire (see below) and head to the stadium. Ineligible: If you are academically ineligible, you will attend classes as normal and continue to focus on raising those grades so you can get back with us ASAP. You will report to the band only during your assigned band class. If you have band during 4th or 5th period, you will report to the stadium during that class period.

NO EARLY MORNING REHEARSAL (get your rest, compete at your best)

11:50pm-12:20: A Lunch for ALL (on your own)
1:00pm-2:45pm: Stadium Rehearsal wearing the following: GEB black shorts, Compression shirt (you may wear your Danza de La Rosa shirt over it), and LONG black socks. 
2:45pm: Grab a snack @ the stadium (provided), load trucks, change into uniform (jacket/gauntlets stay on racks)
4:15pm: Inspection/ you may bring your duffle bag or backpack with a change of clothes if you would like (school appropriate)
4:30pm: Depart for Mesquite Memorial Stadium
7:40pm: Warm-up
8:10pm: Leave Warm-up
8:30pm: Performance
8:45pm: Change our of uniforms/eat dinner (pizza provided) 
10:30pm: Arrive @ RHS (ETA)


1) UIL contest happens during the school day and the kids will miss classes in order to attend. Get your school work in advance from your teachers if AT ALL POSSIBLE.
2) Each band only performs once at the UIL Region contest. There are no prelims or finals.
3) Three judges will each give the band a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.
– 1 (Superior)
– 2 (Excellent)
– 3 (Good)
– 4 (Fair)
– 5 (Poor)
4) As opposed to the Invitational style contest where bands are competing against each other, at the UIL Region Contest, bands are not ranked against each other. Rather, the bands are each evaluated independently and given a rating based upon the UIL standards. 
5) The band is given an overall rating based on the combination of the three judges scores. For example, if a band gets a 1, 1, 2? that band’s overall rating would be a 1 (called a 1st Division or ?Superior? rating).

Parent Info
If you are a parent who is not chaperoning/helping on the field, we NEED you in the stands supporting the band. The location of the contest is:

Mesquite Memorial Stadium
2411 W. Scyene Rd.
Mesquite, Texas 75149

When the band enters the field and the announcer calls our name, we need ALL parents in the stands cheering for the kids!

Parking is free. Admission to the contest is $5.00 for spectators. For our volunteers, UIL only provides us with a set number of total volunteer passes. This means that you should be prepared to pay the $5.00 entry fee just incase we don?t have enough to cover everyone. 

*students who are academically ineligible may not (by state law) be anywhere near the band during the contest. This includes but not limited to: traveling, sitting or eating (contest meals) with the band. Failure to abide by this rule could result is loss of UIL status for the entire program. 

Please remember that we will NOT have rehearsal Thursday morning.

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