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Desoto Marching Contest

October 13, 2018 @ 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

Desoto Marching Classic Competition 10/13/18

Our second contest of the season is coming up on Saturday, October 13th at the Desoto Marching Classic Competition. Below is ALL the information you?ll need for the day:


9:00am: Call Time
9:15am: Rehearsal at Eagle Stadium
11:15am: Rehearsal ends, load trucks
11:30am: Lunch
12:20pm: Change into uniform
12:45pm: Inspection
1:00pm: Depart for Desoto
2:00pm: Arrive at Desoto/Check In
3:25pm: Warm-up
4:15pm: Prelims Performance
5:15pm: Finals announced

The Desoto Marching Classic on the Lake Marching Contest is a Prelims/Finals format contest. If we advance to finals, we will not know what time we perform until 5:30pm or so. Dinner will be provided to all of the students.

7:00pm: Finals Begin
10:00pm: Final Results
11:45pm: Expected ETA at RHS. Brief meeting then dismissal.

*should we not make finals, we may be returning sooner. A message through TWTTER will be sent out when we are on our way home.

Parent Info

If you are a parent who is not chaperoning/helping on the field, we NEED you in the stands supporting the band. The location of the contest is:

Desoto High School
600 Eagle Drive
Desoto, Texas 75115

Friendly reminder of how this works: when the band enters the field and the announcer calls our name, we need a fleet of parents in the stands cheering and going NUTS for the kids. This is all part of the competition! It sends a message to the judges that? ?hey, you really need to pay attention to this band!? While we have many parents already traveling with the band as volunteers, they will be down on the field helping with equipment. Come out and see what your kids have been toiling away for because trust me, the football games have just been a preview of the contest show.

Parking is free. Admission to the contest is $10.00 for spectators, $5.00 for children under 12 and infants/toddles are free. For our volunteers, Desoto only provides us with a set number of total volunteer passes. This means that you should be prepared to pay the $10.00 entry fee just incase we don?t have enough to cover everyone. While I know that this can be frustrating, keep in mind that this is a very important fundraiser for the DHS Band which is why they need to charge admission. 

Student Info

You are going to need to bring a good number of items with you on Saturday. Pay careful attention as we?ll have several different ?outfits? for the day.
When you arrive in the morning, you?ll need to be wearing:
?Compression Shirt (you may wear your Danza de la Rosa shirt on top)
?GEB Black Athletic shorts
?Long black socks (MUST HAVE)
You?ll need to bring a duffle bag/back pack. Inside your duffle/backpack, you?ll need our ?stands uniform? which will be:
?Danza de La Rosa Show Shirt
?Shorts/jeans (school appropriate) and sweater (in case it gets cold)
You?ll come at 9:00am, drop your items off in the locker room, grab your instrument and head to the stadium. You should be in the block by 9:15am.

After rehearsal concludes at 11:15am, you will begin to load up the trucks (props, percussion, low reeds/low brass, etc.). Lunch will be served starting at 11:30am. Once you have eaten, you will head to the uniform room and put on your full uniform. You should be changing into full uniform no later than 12:20pm. Inspection is at 12:45pm ? At inspection, we?ll be dressed in and will have:
?Compression Shirt/GEB Black Shorts (under uniform)
?Long black socks (under uniform)
?Full Contest Uniform (including gloves)
?Marching Shoes
?Instrument in case (for winds that did not place on truck)
?Duffle bag/backpack (with your stands uniform inside: jeans/shorts that are school appropriate, Danza de La Rosa shirt, sweater and tennis shoes)

At 1:00pm, we?ll load buses and head to Desoto. Upon our arrival, you?ll get all the instructions you?ll need.

After our prelims performance, we will hear if we will be advancing to finals. Everyone will receive dinner via the contest meal plan between prelims and finals OR after finals. You may want to bring additional money for souvenirs and/or concession stand goodies (if there is time).

This will be a long day so make sure you?re resting up throughout the week!

*students who are academically ineligible may not (by state law) be anywhere near the band during the contest. This includes but not limited to: traveling, sitting or eating (contest meals) with the band. Failure to abide by this rule could result is loss of UIL status for the entire program.

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