Absence Report Information

Parents are to email Mr. Marquez at Jesus.Marquez@risd.org if your student will be or was absent or tardy for any band rehearsal or event.  Please give a detailed reason for the absence or tardy (see the list of excused and unexcused absences below).  The attendance policies as dictated by the RHS Band Handbook and RISD Fine Arts Policy are detailed below for your convenience.

Excerpted from Page 20, RHS Band Handbook

In accordance with RISD policy, all excused absences will be honored with no grade penalty. These will include:

  • Medical emergency or illness
  • Death in the family
  • Religious holiday
  • Family emergency
  • Medical or dental appointment

Circumstances may justify an excused absence for reasons other than those listed above in accordance with RISD policy. Please refer to RISD Student Code of Conduct Handbook for a complete list of extenuating circumstances and non-extenuating circumstances. (AKA: Other RISD Activities)

**If your student has a medical appointment, please submit a signed doctor’s note to Mr. McKinney. Students, make your best effort to attend after school tutoring. If this is absolutely not possible and you must attend before school tutoring, please have your teacher sign and date a note OR write an email to Mr. McKinney stating you were at tutoring.**

Excepted from Page 31, RHS Band Handbook

  • Use the Absence Report form under the ‘Forms’ menu on the band website to document any absence in advance if possible. Any absence not registered by the submission of an Absence Report Form may be considered unexcused.
  • Work obligations, homework, projects, family vacations (non-emergency) are examples of unexcused absences. Unexcused absences may result in removal from an ensemble.
  • Students who miss a performance with an unexcused absence may be immediately moved to a lower concert band, have spring trip privileges revoked, or be removed from the band program.
  • Students who are consistently tardy or absent to marching band rehearsals can be reassigned and subsequently lose their Contest Block spot. In this case, the student may only regain the spot through a challenge.
  • This absence policy applies to all rehearsals, performances, and sectionals. Severe attendance policy violations can result in a student being removed from the program.

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