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Wind Symphony

Wind Symphony

Conductor: Mr. Jesus Marquez

The Wind Symphony is the top competitive concert band at Richardson High
School. Entrance is by audition only. The class is designed to develop collegiate/
professional level musical fundamentals and work ethic. Students will be asked to
concentrate their efforts on a variety of musical tasks. Tone production, articulation, breathing,
intonation, technical ability, ensemble skills, and sight-reading are all
elements students will be required to develop. The band will perform collegiate level band literature.
Members of this ensemble are expected to approach their craft as would a professional musician.
As such, membership in the RHS Wind Symphony is quite rigorous and rewarding. Most of the
fall semester curriculum is focused on marching band music and All Region music preparation.
The spring semester centers on concert music. Students are required to attend sectionals
and one-on-one sessions outside of school throughout the year. Members are
required to audition for All-Region and perform at solo at the RISD Chamber
Music Festival. Members are expected to participate in private
lessons. Students are expected to be quite serious about improving their musical
skills and are therefore required to dedicate significant time to personal
practice. Students may be moved down to a lower concert band if they do not meet
the requirements of this ensemble. The Wind Symphony performs at most band
department concerts and competes at concert band festivals, including UIL in the
Spring. As the chief musical competitors in the RHS Band program, members in this ensemble
are expected to participate in any associated competitive travel, including the Spring Trip.

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