Friday Marching Rehearsal

Just a friendly reminder that we have Marching Rehearsal this Friday morning at 7:00am in the stadium. Be sure to bring your flip folder with España for the Eaglette Rehearsal.

RHS vs Highland Park

Game Details

Drill Team Tune: España
Dinner Served: 4:10pm
Inspection: 5:30pm
Depart for Highland Park: 5:45pm
Kickoff: 7:30pm
Estimated Release: 11:45pm

Full Contest Uniform: marching shoes, black socks (mid calf length or higher), bibbers (uniform pants), GEB underarmor, jacket, baldric (sash), shako (hat).

Guard Uniform: Contest costume

There is no after party this week since it’s an away game. We will send out a message on Twitter (viewable at when we arrive back at school. All students must be picked up within 30 minutes.

End of 2nd Six Weeks

The end of the 2nd Six Weeks is coming up tomorrow! Just as with the 1st Six Weeks, students can lose/re-gain their eligibility with their grades. Any student who fails a non-exempt class when the grading period ends tomorrow will be academically ineligible starting next Thursday, November 13th. This will affect 9th Grade All Region amongst other events. Please make every effort to pass your classes!


We won’t know for sure until after Friday’s game, but currently we are in a three way tie for a playoffs spot. This means that there is a very good chance that we will have a playoff game next week! We will send out an email one way of the other as soon as we know whether or not playoffs are happening for us.

Playoff games can often take place on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. If we advance to playoffs, we won’t know the details of our game until next Monday.

West Band Blast

This coming Monday, the 10th is the West Beginner Band Blast in the RHS Band Hall.  This is a cool event where all of the West Junior High beginners come and play along with the West JH Symphonic Band.  As a surprise, at the end of the concert the RHS Golden Eagle Band will march in and play with the beginners and the West JH Symphonic Band. This event is required for drum majors, wind section leaders and battery and we would also like to invite all West Junior High alumni to participate as well.

We need to arrive at 6:30pm to pick up our instruments and then we will wait quietly in the Orchestra Room.  The beginners arrive at 6:50pm and the event begins at 7:00pm.  The beginners play a couple things.  Then the Symphonic Band plays a couple things.  Then they play Crunch Time together.  That’s when we surprise them marching in to the cadences.  We’ll play a couple quick things, then we’ll play Crunch Time as a mass group.

The event will last until 8:00pm.  Please wear your When You Wish shirt.

Remember band, this is the sort of event that makes a huge impact on the beginners.  They will be high schoolers someday following in your footsteps and some of them will probably even say, “Hey, you remember that time when we played at the high school in 6th grade and the high school band surprised us?  That was really cool!”

What:  West Beginner Band Blast
When:  Monday, November 10th, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Where:  RHS Band Hall
Attire:  When You Wish T-Shirt

See you there!

Hamilton Park Parade

Battery – it’s the time of year for the Hamilton Park Veterans Day Parade. This event only affects the Battery members. All others can disregard.

What: HP Veterans Day Parade
When: Tuesday, November 11
Call Time: 8:00am, RHS Band Hall
Attire: When You Wish T-Shirt
Will miss: 1st through the start of 4th period. We should get back at around 11:00am.

GEB Spirit Night: Golden Chick!

Our next GEB Spirit Night is next Tuesday evening, November 11th at Golden Chick. Support the Golden Eagle Band with your stomach this next Tuesday! All the details needed are on the flyer linked below. See you there!

Golden Chick Fundraising Night

RHS Full Orchestra Concert

For those of you in the RHS Full Orchestra (top “chairs” in the WS), just a reminder that our first Orchestra Concert is next Thursday, November 13th. More details will be discussed in Orchestra rehearsals. You’ll need your concert attire for this event.

Corpus Christi Trip Form

A quick reminder that the Spring Trip form is due back by November 14th (next Friday).  If you need another copy of the Spring Trip Packet, you can download one in the Documents section of Charms. Just check in the “Spring Trip” section.


We’re rounding 3rd base here on the marching season!

RHS Band Staff

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