Marching Rehearsal Schedule for next two weeks

As we start the transition from marching season to concert season, here is the schedule for the next couple of weeks:

This week
Monday: 7-8:30a
Tuesday: 7-8:30a
Wednesday: No morning rehearsal
Thursday: 7-8:30a
Friday: 7-8:30a

Next week
Friday: 7-8:30a

Note that for next week, we will only have Marching Rehearsal on Friday.

Battery/Leadership at Northwood Hills

The information below only pertains to Drum Majors, Section Leaders and Battery.

The Band has been asked to send a pep-band group to support Northwood Hills Elementary at it’s Red Ribbon Week rally this Wednesday, October 29th. Call time is 7:15am. We will depart via bus from RHS at 7:30am and return at 9:30am. If all goes according to schedule, you should return back at school just in time for 2nd period and not miss any of your “non band” class.

Attire is: WYW T-Shirt, Jeans, etc.

You’ll need your flip folder and lyre as we’ll be performing several stands tunes for the kids. Drum Majors – you’ll be playing your instruments instead of conducting so same attire for you all as everyone.


It’s Homecoming week! Here’s what you need to know.


Between today and Thursday, you need to bring your package of new underwear to donate to the Clothes Closet as our “entry fee” to homecoming parade. This is something that each and every student needs to do. It will be dropped off in the front of the band hall.


We have a Pep-Rally on Friday morning. Usual uniform and materials needed (flip folder, WYW T-Shirt)


On Friday, we will be released from school at 2pm and all academically eligible band/guard members will report directly to the Band Hall for inspection. The uniform for the parade is the same as our first few games:

  • When You Wish T-Shirt
  • Black Band Shorts
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Belt

We’ll bus in shifts over to Heights Elementary and march back to RHS along the parade route. Directly following the parade, the students will be released for dinner (meal plan will be served in the Eagle’s Nest as usual) until inspection t 6:00pm.


A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE for our parents/fans – due to the Homecoming Court activities at halftime, we will be performing our entire show at PRE-GAME this week. Expect the show performance to start at 7:05pm. A full schedule of the evening is below:

Game Details

Drill Team Tune: España
Dinner Served: Once we get done with parade
Inspection: 6:00pm
Tailgate: 6:30pm
Band Performance: 7:05pm
Kickoff: 7:30pm

Full Contest Uniform: marching shoes, black socks (mid calf length or higher), bibbers (uniform pants), GEB underarmor, jacket, baldric (sash), shako (hat).

Guard Uniform: Contest costume

There is no after party this week since it’s Homecoming so students will be ready for pick up pretty much right after the game. The Band Hall will close 30 minutes after the students are released from the stands.

So… what’s next?

Excellent question! After Homecoming on Friday, we begin the transition from Marching Season into Concert Season. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Starting next week, we will only have marching rehearsals on Friday mornings for the rest of the football season. This will continue through playoffs.
  • If you are in Wind Symphony, we will start having 8:20am rehearsal starts next Monday (11/3). We’ll rehearse 8:20a-9:50a M-Th until football season ends.
  • For all winds, we will begin sectionals starting next week. Sectionals occur once a week either before of after school at a schedule agreed upon between the section and the director. This is to help prepare us for the upcoming Winter Concert and All Region Band auditions.

Corpus Christi Trip Form

Today, you will receive a separate email that contains all the information about the upcoming Spring Trip to Corpus Christi. A reminder that trip forms are due back by November 14th.


The staff cannot thank everyone enough for all the work that has gone into this Superior Rated marching season! It takes a village and we have the best villagers anyone could ask for 🙂

RHS Band Staff

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