Senior Night Info

Senior Band Members and Parents,

The time is almost here! Each year, we gather together on the final home game of the season to pay tribute and express our appreciation to the Senior Class.This year’s senior night will be held next Friday at the Berkner game. There will be three portions to the Senior Night recognitions: Pre-Game, Pep-Rally & Halftime.  Please see the information below for details about each.

Please note: Any senior participating must be academically eligible to do so as this event occurs at a UIL football game.


The first step to all of this is for you to go to:

and fill out the form. Please note the following regarding the form as we have run into issues in the past:

  1. Submit the form only once. Students and parents should confirm with each other what you want to be announced before you submit. 
  2. If you submit the form a second time, the data will be ignored. If you must change your information after you have (escort has changed, etc), you need to email Mr. Linley directly ( about the no later than Thursday, Oct 23.
  3. In order to guarantee that your information will be read at the game, you must have your web form submission submitted by Wednesday, October 22nd at 5pm. That’s when Mr. Linley will compile all the data to create the script. Any submissions after that point are not guaranteed to be read at the game.


  1. As we have done the last several years, all organizations will recognize its Seniors in the same manner at the Pre-Game ceremony.
  1. Each Senior band member, accompanied by parents (or guardians) will be recognized at Pre-Game. Seniors and parents will line up at the south end zone at 6:55pm. The presentation will start at 7:00pm. All Band Seniors and parents will line up in alphabetical order (by last name) and prepare to be escorted down the field. Parents and Senior will walk together down the field, meet at the 50 and then walk between the Eaglettes and Cheerleaders before lining up on the track. After everyone from all of the organizations have been recognized, seniors will be dismissed to join the band in the stands.
  1. It has been requested that band parents wear a Band T-Shirt, polo or some other kind of GEB gear.


  1. As is tradition, there will be a Senior Parent portion of the Pep-Rally this Friday where you will have the opportunity to “perform” proudly before the RHS Community. Information regarding this event was sent out in a separate email by our Senior Rep. Please contact her directly with any pep-rally related questions. Unlike the Pre-Game ceremony, the Pep-Rally portion is completely optional but due to the comedy it brings us all, highly encouraged.


  1. Due to Area being the next day, the directors will choose which portion of the show is marched this year. Before the start of the show, seniors will come to the front of the field to meet the drum majors for the Senior Salute.
  1. The announcement of the Band Beau and Sweetheart will occur at halftime as well.

Post Game

After the game, we will play the fight song and Alma Mater and do the full dismissal, after which you will be released to the field to participate in the Senior Walk. The Senior Walk takes place roughly 5-10 minutes after the completion of the game and you will no problem getting to the field from the stands in time.

We’re all looking forward to another great Senior Night!

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