Corpus Christi – here we come!

It’s starting to get a little chilly out there – what a perfect time to nail down your reservation to head to beach this summer. The Golden Eagle Band will be traveling to Corpus Christi to attend the South Coast Music Festival on April 24-27, 2015. The cost of the trip is $375.00 (chaperones are $300) and all band/guard members are invited to attend. You will be receiving a separate email next week with specific trip documents – including the “Trip Commitment Forms” which will be due to the Band Safe by November 15th along with your first payment of $100.00. While the members in the top ensembles are expected to travel, perform and compete (as the competition is a HUGE part of why the ISD allows us to take these trips each year), we want EACH AND EVERY member of the band and guard to come along and join us for some fun in the sun. As that giant 1st Division trophy we lugged home this past weekend can attest… you deserve it!

Success at UIL

Congratulations are in order for ALL band members who travelled and competed or participated in the UIL Region Marching Competition yesterday. The band earned the contest’s highest honor of “straight ones” (Superior) ratings from all three judges! Additionally, the earning of an overall Superior rating advances us on to the Area level of competition. The Area Marching Contest will be held next Saturday, October 25th. This is a “prelims/finals” style contest with the top 10 bands from prelims advancing onto the finals round that evening.

We will not receive any firm data about our performance time at Area until this Saturday night when the final Region level contest for our Area completes. At that point, the UIL folks will make the schedule and we can start communicating plans for next weekend. In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS!!

RHS vs John Horn HS (Away)

Our next game of the season is this Friday against John Horn HS. This week, we’re hitting the road again as we have another AWAY game. This time we are headed to Hanby Stadium in Mesquite. As always, full details can be found on the Official Band Calendar at

Remember, with Away games, the turn around after school is a little more “scrunched” so please plan accordingly if you are not signed up for the Football Game meal plan.

FULL UNIFORM with ATHLETIC SHORTS under your bibbers!

Game Details

Drill Team Tune: Timber
Dinner Served: 4:10pm
Dinner Service Ends: 4:45pm
Inspection: 5:15pm
Depart for Mesquite Memorial Stadium: 5:30pm
Kickoff: 7:30pm

Full Contest Uniform: marching shoes, black socks (mid calf length or higher), athletic shorts, bibbers (uniform pants), GEB UnderArmor, jacket, star overlay, shako (hat).

Guard Uniform: Contest costume

Since we have an away game, there is no After Party and the band hall will close 30 minutes after the students arrive back at RHS. We’ll send out a tweet announcing our ETA at RHS and the closing time.

Wylie Marching Invitational

Our second contest of the season is next Saturday, October 18th at Wylie ISD Stadium. Below is ALL the information you’ll need for the day.


8:45am: Rehearsal at Eagle Stadium
9:45pm: Rehearsal ends
10:15pm: Inspection in Band Hall
10:30am: Load buses
10:45am: Depart
11:30am: Check in at Wylie
12:15pm: Warm Up
1:30pm: Prelims Performance
5:30pm: Finals Announcement

The Wylie Marching Invitational is Prelims/Finals format contest. This means that, after all the bands march once in Prelims, they will select the top scoring 10 bands to perform again in Finals. The finalists perform in random order. This means: 1) We won’t know if we are performing in finals until 5:30pm and 2) If we are performing in finals, we won’t know what time we perform until 5:45pm or so. We’ll send out a twitter message with the plans for the evening once we know the prelims results. Regardless of whether or not we make finals, we will stay and watch for the evening.

6:45pm: Finals Begin
9:50pm: Final Results
11:00pm: Expected ETA at RHS. Brief meeting then dismissal.

Parent Info

If you are a parent who is not chaperoning/helping on the field, we NEED you in the stands supporting the band. The location of the contest is:

Wylie Stadium
FM 544 at Country Club Rd
Wylie, Texas 75098

Here’s how this works: when the band enters the field and the announcer calls our name, we need a fleet of parents in the stands cheering and going NUTS for the kids. This is all part of the competition! It sends a message to the judges that… “hey, you really need to pay attention to this band!” While we have many parents already traveling with the band as volunteers, they will be down on the field helping with equipment. Come out and see what your kids have been toiling away for because trust me, the football games have just been a preview of the contest show.

Parking is free. Admission to the contest is $5.00 and that will cover entrance to both Prelims and Finals. Student performers do not need to pay to enter. Pre-School age children under 3 are free. For our volunteers, Wylie provides a set  number of total volunteer passes. This means that you should be prepared to pay the $5.00 entry fee in case we don’t get enough. While I know that can be frustrating, keep in mind that this is a very important fundraiser for the Wylie Band which is why they need to charge admission. As someone who has hosted marching contests before in the past, I understand where they are coming from.

Student Info

You are going to need to bring a good number of items with you on Saturday. Pay careful attention as we’ll have several different “outfits” for the day.

When you arrive in the morning, you’ll need to be wearing:

  • UnderArmor Shirt (WYW T-shirt over the UA shirt)
    • When You Wish T-Shirt
    • Athletic shorts (for under your uniform bibbers/jeans)
    • Marching Shoes
    • Long black socks

You’ll need to bring your duffle bag/and or a backpack or bag of some kind. Inside your bag, you’ll need our “stands uniform” which will be:

• Jeans
• Tennis shoes

You’ll come and drop your items off in the band hall, head to the uniform racks and put on your uniform pants, grab your shako and a plume. When the whistle blows, at 8:45am on the stadium field, you’ll be wearing:

• UnderArmor Shirt
• WYW T-Shirt (optional)
• Bibbers
• Marching shoes
• Long back socks
• Band shako with plume

After rehearsal, we’ll return the plumes, grab a quick snack and head to the Band Hall for inspection. Inspection is at 10:15am – you’ll have 30 minutes from rehearsal to inspection. At inspection, we’ll be dressed in the same thing we wore in practice:

• UnderArmor Shirt (WYW T-Shirt optional)
• Bibbers
• Marching Shoes
• Long black socks
• Instrument in case (for winds that don’t go on truck)
• Duffle/Personal Bag (with your stands uniform inside: jeans and tennis shoes)

At 10:30am, we’ll load buses and head to Wylie. Upon our arrival, you’ll get all the instructions you’ll need.

After our prelims performance, we will head back to the trucks, reload our equipment, rack our uniforms, and get changed into the stands uniform (see below) and head into the stands to watch the remainder of prelims.

Stands Uniform
When You Wish T-Shirt
• Jeans
• Tennis Shoes

Regardless of whether or not we place in finals, we’ll stay for the evening’s performances. Everyone will receive dinner via the contest meal plan between prelims and finals. You may want to bring additional money for souvenirs and/or concession stand goodies.

GEB Spirit Night at Afrah

What better way to celebrate UIL success than with some great Mediterranean food? Next Tuesday, October 21st Afrah restaurant will be hosting our next GEB Spirit Night fundraiser! See the attached flyer for more details.


Again – so proud of ALL the students for their fantastic performance yesterday and a HUGE thank you to all the parent volunteers who make everything run so smoothly.

Area…here we come!

RHS Band Staff

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