Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week In (the) Golden Eagle Band or TWIGEB! Sorry for the long email – this is another busy week!

Mvt 2 Coordinates/Click Tracks

Files for Mvt 2 are now available on the Charms. The steps to access them are simple!

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “login” under the Charms section
  3. Enter RichardsonHSB as the school code
  4. Enter your Student ID number as the password
  5. Select “Handouts and Files”
  6. Select “Coordinates and Click Tracks”
  7. Select “Mvt 2 Click Track” and save the file.

Academic Eligibility

THIS IS IT! You have between now and Thursday at 5pm to get all of your classes passing. Our competitive season 100% depends on EVERYONE passing their classes this year. Let’s get it done!

Band Lockers

Things have improved with regards to items “going missing” in the band hall, but we ask students to remain vigilant. However, it remains our recommendation that whenever you leave your personal belongings in the band hall/locker rooms, be sure that ANYTHING OF VALUE (phone, iPod, money, etc) is locked in your locker. This is why we issue you a locker with a combination lock on it – so that you can secure your personal items and your instrument. While it is a troubling thought that anyone in our band family would knowingly take something of yours, it may happen and you need to secure your items at ALL times. Always assume that if it’s out of your sight, it’s in danger unless you’ve locked it up. If you can’t fit your bag in your locker, take the items of value out of your bag and secure it behind the lock. That’s the ONLY way to ensure your items won’t be tampered with by other people.

Pass-offs… want to try again?

Note – the deadline for all re-passoff attempts to raise your grade is tomorrow in-class. There will be no pass-off attempts allowed after school on Thursday as we will be submitting grades at that point. After this, we will continue to pull students out to pass-off material old material, but you won’t be able to raise your average. Pass-offs for new material will continue for the 2nd six weeks with standard grading.

In the mean time, want to practice step offs with the click track? You can download the click track (as well as sheet music, coordinate sheets and more) for your band via Charms.

8th Grade Night this Friday!

This is a very special Friday night game as the 8th graders from West and Westwood will be joining us in the stands! The main difference to the schedule is that we will all be eating pizza together in the Eagle’s Nest at 5pm (not the usual 4:10p start). We’ll also be performing a couple of special stands tunes to for the 8th graders to perform with us.

RHS vs North Mesquite

We’re home again this Friday (for real this time)!  As always, full details can be found on the Official Band Calendar at

For this week, due to 8th grade night, dinner will be served in the Eagles Nest at 5pm.

Important detail this week – FULL UNIFORM!!

Game Details

Drill Team Tune: Dance to the Music
Dinner Served: 5:00pm
Inspection: 6:00pm
Tailgate: 6:30pm
Kickoff: 7:30pm

Full Contest Uniform: marching shoes, black socks (mid calf length or higher), bibbers (uniform pants), GEB underarmor, jacket, overlay, shako (hat).

Guard Uniform: Contest costume


A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked to make this year’s March-a-thon a smashing success! As of right now, between monetary and material donations, it looks like we raised somewhere in the vicinity of $24,000 with money still coming in!! Such a massive event like this doesn’t happen without the efforts of our fantastic parent volunteers and of course our student performers. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Laura Dodgen, our MAT Coordinator, for pulling off another truly fantastic event.

UT Longhorn Marching Band

The University of Texas Longhorn Marching Band will be making their annual pilgrimage to Richardson High School to hold their pre Red River Shootout rehearsal at Eagle Stadium next Friday afternoon (October 10th) from 3-5pm. The rehearsal is open to the public and any/all are welcome and encouraged to come see/hear this AMAZING MARCHING SPECTACLE! Look…. I’m a Baylor guy and am about as far as it gets from someone who owns a burnt orange ANYTHING, but I love watching this rehearsal each year because these kids are awesome!

Note: Students – we cannot get you out of class for this rehearsal. Please don’t ask. Some classes will take their students out to watch the rehearsal and if your teacher is good with that, more power to you 🙂


Don’t forget – there is no school on Monday October 13th, but we DO have Stadium Rehearsal that night from 5:30p-9:00p. Trying to make sure that no one is caught off guard by this 🙂

Contest Information

Next week will include all the timing details regarding two of our upcoming Marching Contests: Region UIL and the Wylie Marching Invitational. Before we get into all of that, here is some information regarding how contests work for our new parents. This initial primer will help next week’s information make more sense.

This year, the Golden Eagle Marching Band will travel to three total Marching Contests. These contests are the highlight of the marching season! Parents, please plan to come out, fill the stands and CHEER as the GEB takes the field. Our three contests are:

10/15: UIL Region Marching Contest (Mesquite Memorial Stadium)
10/17: Wylie Marching Invitational (Wylie ISD Stadium)
10/25: Area C UIL Marching Contest (Mesquite Memorial Stadium)

Here is the way Marching Contests work:

There are two kinds of contests. Invitational/Area contests (such as the Wylie and Area C contest) and UIL Region Contest (such as the Region 3 UIL Marching Contest). Each type of contest operates a bit differently.

For Invitational/Area UIL Contests:

1) We won’t find out our performance times until about two weeks before the contest. Once we know the times, we’ll post them on the Online Calendar (currently, it just show TBA).

2) Usually there are 20+ marching bands entered into each contest. Each one of these bands performs in the preliminary round, which starts early in the morning and goes until about 5pm. As stated above, we will be scheduled a preliminary performance time about two weeks in advance.

3) There are 5-7 judges in prelims who rank each of the bands. The top 10 bands from prelims will perform again in finals that evening. Bands will either perform in random or ranked order in finals (10th place performs first, 9th place performs second, etc). This means that should we make finals (which is a BIG deal in itself), we won’t know our finals performance time until at least 5pm that day.

4) Each of the 10 finalist bands perform in the evening, usually starting at around 7pm. After all the finalists perform, the judges tabulate the finals scores and the final contest ranks are announced.

5) All of this makes contest day a pretty long day. You should plan for our two contests of this type (Wylie and Area UIL) to take all day. We’ll know more info as the dates approach.

6) Note that in order to get to perform at the Area contest, we must qualify by earning at 1st Division superior rating at the UIL Region Contest.

For UIL Region Contest

1) We will find out our performance time about two weeks in advance. Once we know the time, we’ll post it on the Online Calendar. This contest happens during the school day and the kids will miss some class in order to attend.

2) Each band only performs once at the Region UIL contest. There are no prelims or finals.

3) Three judges will each give the band a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • 1 (Superior)
  • 2 (Excellent)
  • 3 (Good)
  • 4 (Fair)
  • 5 (Poor)

4) Bands are not ranked against each other. Rather, the bands are each evaluated independently and given a rating based upon the UIL standards.

5) The band is given an overall rating based on the combination of the three judges scores. For example, if a band gets a 1, 1, 2… that band’s overall rating would be a 1 (called a 1st Division). If we earn an overall 1st Division rating, we will advance to the Area round of the UIL Contest, which was referenced above.

Hope this helps – we’ll have all the specifics for the Region UIL and Wylie contest in next week’s TWIGEB


Whether you play clarinet, hand out plumes or help us with any of the countless other tasks that make this machine tick, THANK YOU for all your hard work!

RHS Band Staff

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