RHS Band Family,

We hope that everyone had a great first week of school. Now we can all start getting into the swing of things in week 2! Here’s this week’s TWIGEB (titled 1.2 for Six Weeks #1, Week 2)

Regular Rehearsals Continue

Now that school has started, we will begin the regular rehearsal schedule of 7:00am-8:30am Monday through Friday. Please note a couple of important exceptions below:

Tuesday, Oct 13: Stadium Rehearsal 5-9pm – note that there is no school this day but we are still rehearsing with UIL two days away.

Drill Team Rehearsal

Each week on Fridays, we rehearse in the stadium with the Eaglettes. This is especially important to note because all the brass and woodwinds must remember to bring their flip folders stuffed with this week’s drill team tune (which happens to be Saturday Night’s Alright this week). Anyone who forget’s his/her flip folder and drill team tune at this rehearsal will automatically fail inspection for this week so make sure you remember!

You can always find the “drill team tune” for the week by going to the Official Band Calendar at and clicking on the upcoming game to see its details. This week’s tune is “Cat Scratch Fever” again.

Pass-offs… want to try again?

Wind players can come and re-attempt show/pep-tune pass-offs for Mr. Linley after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays before 5:00pm. I can’t guarantee availability every day (some days there are meetings, etc), but I’ll do my best to be in my office between 4:10-5:00p those days for the next few weeks. If you drop by, I’ll be happy to fire up the click track for you.

In the mean time, want to practice step offs with the click track? You can download the click track (as well as sheet music, coordinate sheets and more) via Charms. Just go to the Documents section.

Having trouble logging into Charms? Contact Mr. Marquez who can reset your password.

RHS vs Lakeview Centennial

The second home football game of the year is coming up this Friday night! As always, full details can be found on the Official Band Calendar via Charms.

When the bell rings to release school, dinner will be served in the Eagles Nest for those who signed up for the meal plan. Please note that this is only for those who signed up for the Football Game meal plan. Please note that we’ll be wearing the Summer Uniform again this week.

A bit of clarification on some weekly home game traditions for our Freshman students/parents.

  1. Tailgate occurs at 6:30pm in the parking lot just outside the Band Hall and is a mini pep-rally involving the band, cheer leaders and Eaglettes. Directly following the Tailgate, the band marches into the stadium and enters the stands. Any and all Eagle fans are invited!
  2. After Parties are hosted by the various classes of the band (Seniors, Juniors, etc) and take place in the Eagles Nest after home games. These are events for the entire band family to celebrate our hard work and outstanding performance. They last for 1 hour after the band is released from the stands after which, the band hall is closed and all students must be picked up. We’ll send out a Twitter message letting everyone know what time the Band Hall will close for the evening which can be viewed via the Twitter feed or at

Game Details

Drill Team Tune: Cat Scratch Fever
Dinner Served: 4:10pm
Inspection: 6:00pm
Tailgate: 6:30pm
Kickoff: 7:30pm

Summer Uniform: black band shorts, WYW T-Shirt, marching shoes, black socks, black belt.

Guard Uniform: Blacks


Are you looking for a fun and easy way to support the RHS Golden Eagle Band as we get ready for March-A-Thon? This opportunity is just for you!

We need adults/parents to drive a group of band members along a portion of our March-A-Thon parade route on two Saturdays prior to the event. The band members will place prepared door hangers on the houses along the route to advertise the upcoming event.

The more volunteers we have, the fewer houses each group will be assigned and the quicker the delivery of door hangers will go. And the more advertising we can do, the more money we can raise on September 27th!

A reminder that all Leadership Members are “auto-volunteered” for these events. This is a great way to earn your community service hours! Leadership – we’ll be wearing WYW T-Shirts (sorry… I know that’s a quick turn around for your washing machine).

The dates and times for the door hanger crews are:

  • Saturday, September 6th at 9:00 AM
  • Friday, September 19th at 5:00 PM

Able to help? Let Mrs. Dodgen know at


The Band Staff

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