Wind Symphony UIL Preparation Schedule

Wind Symphony Members (and Parents),

This is the “final countdown” to UIL! As promised today in class, here is a list of all the upcoming Wind Symphony events between now and our UIL performance next week.
Monday 4/7
Woodwind sectional (7am-8:15am)
WS Rehearsal (8:20a-9:50a)
Tuesday 4/8
7:00a: Brass Sectional
8:20a: WS Rehearsal
Wednesday 4/9
7:00a: Woodwind sectional
8:20a: WS Rehearsal
4:30p-6:00p: Symphony Orchestra rehearsal (only applies to those in S.O.)
Thursday 4/10
7:00a: Brass sectional
8:20a: WS Rehearsal
Friday 4/11
8:00a: WS Rehearsal (Note the 8AM start. We’ll run through the whole program and SR)
Saturday 4/12
2p-6p: GEB Orientation (Required for all 9, 10, 11th grade plus 12th grade leadership. Leadership arrive at 1:30p)
Monday 4/14
8:00a: WS Rehearsal (Note the 8AM start. We’ll run through the whole program and SR)
4:30p-5:00p: UIL Worker Training (all WS required to attend)
5:00p: UIL Contest Setup (Leadership and volunteers. Estimated finish at 6:30p)
Tuesday 4/15
7:00a: UIL Worker call time (WS works UIL on Tuesday and not Wed as discussed today)
8:00p-9:15p: WS Rehearsal (we’ll run through everything and SR. We’ll provide pizza for dinner)
Wednesday 4/16
9:00a: 1st period meets in the Eagle’s Nest with Ms. Miller while UIL continues. Study Hall time.
4:30p-6p: Symphony Orchestra rehearsal at West JH (only for those in S.O)
6:30p-8p: WS Rehearsal on Stage (no dinner provided since you’re not working the contest today and should have time to grab/bring something)
Thursday 4/17
7:40a: Call time, dressed in concert attire and ready to go on stage
7:55a: Warm up time begins
8:45a: Wind Symphony UIL Performance (open to the public!)
9:30a: Wind Symphony Sight Reading (also open)
9:55a: Breathe huge sigh of relief
10:00a: Get changed, meet in Eagle’s Nest to discuss ratings/comments
10:50a: Attend 3rd period. Regular day of school from then on.
We’ve got this!
Mr. Linley

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