Eagle-Mustang 5K Performance

This Saturday, March 1, is the annual Eagle-Mustang 5K. This event begins at Eagle-Mustang Stadium at RHS, and the Golden Eagle Band has traditionally played at the beginning of the race. This performance is required for all leadership and drumline members. Any potential leadership candidates are highly encouraged to join us, and everyone else is invited to participate as well! Donuts or kolaches will be provided!

We will meet at 8:30 AM in the band hall with your instrument, flip folder, lyre, and any other materials you will need for a “marching band” type performance. We will do a brief warm-up and tuning sequence before heading out to our performance zone. Our portion of this event should conclude no later than 9:15 AM. Attire for this event is normal pep rally attire – band polo and jeans.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Schaul at matthew.schaul@risd.org.

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