Winter Concert – RESCHEDULED!

RHS Band Family,

After polling as many of you as possible regarding conflicts on Friday, we have decided to go ahead with the rescheduling of the Winter Concert for Friday evening at 7:00pm!

Thanks to everyone who got back to us so quickly regarding your schedule information. Here is the last thing I need for those of you with conflicts. Please email your primary director (as in the guy who stands on the podium in front of you each day) if you are going to miss this Friday. Even if that person is me (aka you’re in Wind Symphony) and you already emailed me… email me again just to be safe.

For everyone else, if you said you were going to be at the concert on Friday in class today… please know that we made the decision to go ahead with the concert largely based on this information and are COUNTING on you!

We know that this is not ideal, but the VAST majority of the emails that I received stated a desire for us to go ahead with the concert rather than canceling it. I’m glad that together as a family, we’re finding a way to make it work! We’re having to make a few adjustments due to personnel shifts and whatnot, but it should be a great concert nevertheless! We hope everyone can come out and enjoy.


Mr. Linley and Friends

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