Winter Concert Reschedule Option

RHS Band Parents/Students,

After looking at all of our options regarding the Winter Concert, we have only two:

1) Reschedule for this Friday evening.

2) Cancel the concert entirely.

Next week isn’t an option due to finals and the Auditorium is in use all other nights plus Region being rescheduled for Wed and Thursday.

What I need to know ASAP is this:

Please email Mr. Linley if you would have a conflict that could not be worked around were we to reschedule for Friday night. We will weigh the number of absences we’d have and make a decision ASAP regarding whether or not to proceed with Friday.

The students have worked SO hard for this concert, I would truly hate to have to cancel it entirely, but we know that this time of year is jam packed with events and fully understand that there will be some conflicts with a reschedule that are simply unresolvable.

Again, if your band member could absolutely NOT make a Friday concert work, please email Mr. Linley ASAP.

We’ll have a decision made quickly.


Mr. Linley

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