UIL Region 3 Marching Contest

Our MOST IMPORTANT contest of the year is coming up on Wednesday: UIL! Details for the contest are below.

Here’s how the blocking situation is working: You fall into one of three situations:

  1. Contest block: You are blocked from 1-7th period. You will report to rehearsal directly at 9:00am. Get your school work in advance from your teachers if AT ALL POSSIBLE.
  2. A-Block: You are blocked from 4-7th period. You will eat A lunch and report to the band hall wearing Jeans and RTJ T-Shirt at 12:35pm.
  3. Ineligible: If you are academically ineligible, you will attend classes as normal and continue to focus on raising those grades so you can get back with us ASAP. You will report to the band only during your assigned band class. If you have band during 1st, 2nd or 3rd period, you will report to the stadium. If you have band during 4th period, you’ll eat A lunch as usual, and come to the band hall for 4th period.

Note that you will need to bring all the same items as with the previous contests: Stands uniform, etc.

No early morning rehearsal
9:00am: Stadium Rehearsal (wearing bibbers, shako, plume, underarmor FOR REAL)
11:00am: Run Through/pack up/get changed into stands uniform
11:50am: All band members eat A Lunch
12:35pm: Load trucks, inspection lines (same as previous weeks)
1:15pm: Depart for Mesquite Memorial
2:00pm: Arrival at Mesquite Memorial/unload items
2:30pm: Head to stands to watch 3A Performances. You may do homework in stands.
4:40pm: Warm Up
5:30pm: Performance
5:45pm: Tear down, get changed (stands uniform), quick dinner
6:15pm: Return to RHS
7:15pm: Expected dismissal


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