Passoffs – tick tock

Note – the deadline for all re-passoff attempts to raise your grade is the end of the 1st six weeks. After this, we will continue to pull students out to pass-off material, but you won’t be able to raise your average.

Each week, Mr. Linley will post a sign up sheet of available appointment times (in 5 minute blocks) for people who want to come in and re attempt their pass-offs for show music and pep-tune memory pass offs. You’re welcome to come and reattempt a pass off as many times as you’d like until you get it passed off.

Need help with a particular rhythm in your region music? Want to do a run through of your Region music for Mr. Linley so you can practice being nervous? 🙂  Sign up for a time slot!

In the mean time, want to practice step offs with the click track? You can download the click track (as well as sheet music, coordinate sheets and more) for your band on the website by clicking here.

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