March-a-thon Details!

The March-a-thon is coming up THIS SATURDAY! Here are all the important details you need to know from the student/performer perspective. There will be separate emails coming out from our MAT Coordinator regarding the volunteers.

First of all – in order to be considered for all of the various contests, the cutoff point for all donations to be counted is Wednesday at 5:00pm. Any donation received after that point is extremely appreciated but won’t count toward the contests as it takes a TON of work from our volunteers to get everything tallied up in time. Make sure that you turn your money in with your donation sheet (and that the donation sheet has your name clearly written on it). If you just turn in an envelope of money – again that’s going to be extremely appreciated, but we have no idea to whom that money should be attributed.

Here are the various contest prizes:

  • Top 20: Ride in the “Party Van” during MAT and get a quarter of the march off
  • Top 10: Donated Bowling party with Mr. Linley… who will school you…. yep (plus the Party Van above)
  • Top Grossing Section: Chooses a tune to add to our stand repertoire for the season.
  • All who earn their $200.00: Entered into a drawing for donated Studio Movie Grill passes.

Details for the day:

You will arrive dressed in the March-a-thon T-Shirt (which will be distributed in classes this week), black band shorts, black belt, black or white socks (depending on the color of your shoes), and tennis shoes. DO NOT wear your marching shoes as they are not designed to take a 5K concrete beating. At inspection, you’ll be checked for the following:

  • Correct uniform (see above)
  • Flip folder
  • Lyre
  • Instrument (polished, working order, good reed, etc)

Inspection will be promptly at 8:30am. After inspection, we’ll line up in the parade block out by Dogwood and step off right at 9:00am. We perform the first leg of the MAT by marching over to Waterview, then back to the HS for a short break. The second leg takes us over to the Promenade Center and then back to the HS. The 5K march should last from 9:00am to roughly 12:00p-12:30ish. After the march, we’ll put instruments away and enjoy some outstanding BBQ together to celebrate the end of another successful March-a-thon!

We anticipate that students will be ready for pickup by 2:00pm. We’ll keep everyone updated throughout the day via the GEB twitter feed. Follow us at RHSGEB!

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