Academic Eligibility

There are two weeks left in the first six weeks. As we approach the end of the first grading period, it seems a good time for a quick reminder on how grades affect eligibility for band.

The short version is this – pass ALL of your classes and you have nothing to worry about. You are the best and the brightest at RHS and it is our expectation that you’re acting as such in your classes. This means you shouldn’t be in jeopardy of failing a class.

Here’s the long version – if you fail a class, you fall into one of two situations:

Situation #1: You fail a UIL Exempt Class. Attached to this email is a list of classes which are not affected by the TEA “no pass/no play” rule. If you fail one of these classes, it does not affect your eligibility status with band or other extracurriculars. That being said, failing any class is not okay and YOU NEED TO GET YOUR GRADES UP. WE’LL “SUPPORT” YOU IN THAT EFFORT RIGOROUSLY.

Situation #2: You fail a non-exempt/regular class. If you fail a class which is not listed on the attached list of classes, you will be academically ineligible to participate in any of the extracurricular elements (see below) of band until you regain your eligibility. You can only regain your eligibility in two ways. 1) By passing ALL of your non-exempt classes at the 3 week progress report or 2) By passing ALL of your non-exempt classes at the next 6 week grading period. If you meet criteria number 1, you can regain your eligibility after the 4th week (there is a one week “grace period” after the 3rd week progress report). If you don’t regain at the 3 week point, you have to wait until the next report card.

The elements of band effected by eligibility are: contests, parades and football games. Any in-eligible student may not participate with the band at any of these events. Ineligible students will still attend: M-F rehearsals, concerts, band classes.

Please note – we are watching eligibility closely and will begin swapping people in/out of contest spots based on how grades are looking in classes. If it looks like you may not pass, there is a high likelihood that you will be reassigned out of your contest spot in order to give the other person time to learn the spot before contest.

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