RHS Family Picnic Details

GEB Family,

The GEB will be performing at the 1st Annual RHS Family Picnic this Wednesday, August 28th. This will be a low key event that should have you on your way home by roughly 7:00pm. Details are below:

5:45pm: Inspection
6:00pm: Warm Up in Band Hall
6:15pm: Performance begins on field
6:30pm: Approximate release

Uniform: 2013 “Road to Joy” T-Shirt, jeans/shorts. Note that we are NOT wearing the the full summer uniform. Just Band T-shirts and whatever jeans/shorts you wear to school.
Required Materials: Instrument, flip folder, lyre, Fight Song, Confidence

After our performance, you’ll be released to put away your instruments and join the festivities. All students should be ready for pickup by 7:00pm. The band hall will be locked at 7:15pm.

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