Fall Premiere – Friday, August 23rd

GEB Members and Parents,

Here are a few more details regarding this Friday’s Fall Premiere performance.


We will start at 5:00pm together in the Band Hall where we’ll distribute summer uniform parts for the evening. Here, you’ll receive the Summer Uniform (see below) items that you ordered at Band Registration. After the ordered uniform parts have been distributed, we’ll head to the gym to setup and rehearse for the evening’s concert. Please note the start time of 5:00pm (rather than 5:30pm).

Attire for the evening is “Summer Uniform”. This entails:

  • Band Polo (tucked in at inspection/performance)
  • Black Band Shorts
  • Black socks (you supply)
  • MTX Marching Shoes
  • Black Belt (you supply)
  • Guard – wear tennis shoes/white socks

Upperclassmen – be sure to bring your marching shoes and band polo from home if you did not order a new one as we will obviously not have one for you here on Friday night. Everyone supplies their own plain mid-calf black socks and a plain black cloth/leather belt (no metallic studs).

The concert will start at 7:00pm. You will need your flip folder, all pep-tune music that we have rehearsed, and your show music. After the performance, you’ll head into the gym stands for the meeting portion of the evening before we tear down and release for the night. Everyone will help with tearing down for the night.


The doors to the large gymnasium will open at 6:45pm. Up until then, the doors will be closed and we’ll be rehearsing/getting sound levels, etc. At 6:45pm, come on in and get a seat. The concert will start at 7:00pm and will last roughly 30 minutes or so. The kids will play a selection of the pep-tune music you’ll hear in the stands this season including some old favorites and new tunes as well. We’ll introduce our freshmen parents to the fight song and alma mater. Lastly, the band members will perform in concert, the music to the 2013 Show “The Road to Joy”!  Afterwards, the kids will come out into the gym and we’ll have a mandatory parent/student meeting where I’ll go over some important details about the upcoming school year.

After the meeting is finished, the kids will all work together to strike the setup and clean the gym…after which point BAND CAMP WILL BE DONE and we’ll all head home for the weekend! I expect this will be sometime between 8:15-8:30pm (and hopefully earlier).

Looking forward to a great concert!!

Mr. Linley and Staff

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