Winter Concert – This Wednesday!!

Come hear the sounds of the season THIS WEDNESDAY evening at 7:00pm in the RHS Auditorium as the various ensembles that make up the Richardson High School Band will take the stage. A few important points:

  1. Students earn two grades for this Winter Concert. A “Participation” grade and a “Performance” Grade. Points for the “Participation” grade come from audience participation, concert etiquette, punctuality, assisting with “tearing down” the concert stage after all performances, etc. The “Performance” grade is earned based up on the level of performance at the concert and by wearing appropriate concert attire (see band handbook for more details).
  2. The call time for each Band is different. See below for your band’s schedule. Students must check in with their appropriate director at the listed call time in order to earn credit for arriving on time.
  3. All Band members will stay throughout the completion of the concert. This is a requirement in order to earn full credit for the “Audience Participation” portion of your concert grade. In order to earn credit for staying throughout the concert, you must sign out with Mr. Marquez on stage after the performance.
  4. Our concerts this year are being professionally recorded by Dave Lane Productions. As such, we will have ushers at the door assisting audience members in entering/exiting the theatre in between pieces. This will ensure that only sounds that end up on our recordings are the sounds that the band mades.
  5. Dave Lane Productions will be selling CD’s of the concert in the Lobby directly following the night’s performance. These CD’s are $20.00 and are digitally balanced, blended and mastered to produce the most professional product possible. A definite keepsake for any dedicated band member.

The Performance Order for the night is:

Jazz Band – Dr. Tucker, conductor
Concert Band – Mr. Schmuck, conductor
Symphonic Band – Mr. Marquez, conductor
Symphonic Winds – Dr. Tucker, conductor
Wind Symphony – Mr. Linley, conductor

We hope you enjoy the concert!


Call Times:

Jazz Band

    Warm up in Band Hall at 6:25pm
    Depart for stage at 6:55pm
    Join your Concert Band’s warm up

Concert Band

    Warm up in Orchestra Room 6:55pm
    Symphonic Band
    Warm up at 6:55pm in Band Hall

Symphonic Winds

    Check in w/ Mr. Marquez at 6:45pm in Auditorium,
    Watch Jazz Band
    Warm up in Orchestra Room during Concert/Symphonic Band

Wind Symphony

    Check in w/ Mr. Marquez at 6:45pm in Auditorium,
    Watch Jazz, Concert Band
    Warm up in Band Hall during Symphonic Band/Winds Performance

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