Wind Symphony/Battery at RWJH Beginner Night

Wind Symphony and Drumline Members:

Thank you again for your time this upcoming Monday evening with the West JH Beginner Night. It turns out, the gig is going to be even easier on you than we initially thought! See the details below:

Event: RWJH Beginner Night
Location: RHS Band Hall
Call Time: 7:30pm (with instrument, in Orchestra Room)
Call Location: Orchestra Room
Attire: Jeans, Your Majesty Shirt
Music: Crunch Time, Cadences
Finished by: 8:00pm

Your part of the evening is going to be a SURPRISE to the 6th graders. So… this means that you need to get your instrument after school and either bring it with you at 7:30pm or store it somewhere (your car, music theory room, etc) so that you won’t have to enter the band hall while the 6th graders are in there.

You’ll be done by 8:00pm. The 6th graders will be learning Crunch Time along with the RWJH 8th graders. When the time comes to perform, you’re going to enter the band hall with a cadence and join in for the final performance of Crunch Time as a surprise.

After Crunch Time, you’ll be released to go home. Again – a nice, short but hopefully EFFECTIVE event that makes every one of those 6th graders think “Man… I CAN’T wait to be in the GEB!”.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linley

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