Seasons of Change…

Change is in the air… after a truly outstanding competitive Marching Season, we are beginning the transition to Concert Season. While the transition won’t be truly complete until Football Season comes to a close, there are several changes to our schedule in the meantime.

First off, from now until the end of Football, we’ll only have marching rehearsals on Friday  mornings from 7:00a-8:30a in Eagle Stadium. This will affect the entire Band program (all four bands, percussion and guard)

All four concert bands will start sectionals next week (11/5). For those who are new to all of this, sectionals are once a week rehearsals which involved like-grouped instruments. For instance, High Brass, Low Brass, Saxophones, etc. Each student will only have one sectional per week.  Those schedules are being posted to the Online Calendar this week as they are finalized. Additionally, each director will send out an email to his band with specifics about that band’s sectional schedule.

For those in Symphonic Band (Mr. Marquez) and Concert Band (Mr. Schmuck), you will have the following obligations each week:

1) Your sectional (which your director will schedule with you)
2) Your class (2nd or 4th period depending on your band)
3) Friday morning marching rehearsal (7-8:30a)

Things are a little different for those in Wind Symphony (Mr. Linley) and Symphonic Winds (Dr. Tucker). You will have the following obligations each week.

1) Your sectional (which your director will schedule with you)
2) Friday morning marching rehearsal (7-8:30a)
3) Your in-class rehearsal (see below)

Monday: 8:20a-9:50a (0-1st period)
Tuesday: 8:20a-9:50a (0-1st period)
Wednesday: 8:20a-9:50a (0-1st period)
Thursday: 8:20a-9:50a (0-1st period)

I hope that this helps explain where things go from here as we transition into Concert Season. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s primary concert director:

Wind Symphony – Mr. Linley
Symphonic Winds – Dr. Tucker
Symphonic Band – Mr. Marquez
Concert Band – Mr. Schmuck

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