Rehearsal schedule next week

Next week’s rehearsal schedule is a bit different due to the change in schedule.

Monday: No School/Rehearsal
Tuesday: 5:30p-9:00p (Stadium rehearsal)
Wednesday: 7a-8:30a
Thursday: 7a-8:30a
Friday: 7a-8:30a (Stadium rehearsal)

If you are a prop parent who is operating the props during our show, we’ll need you at practice on Tuesday at 7:00pm so we can start working with you on timing the prop changes.

I’ve received a few emails regarding being surprised by Tuesday’s rehearsal. This is just a reminder to be sure that you’ve input the band calendar into your personal calendar. This practice (one of our most important of the year) was specifically included on the 2012-2013 Band Events List, which was distributed back in May and in your Band Registration packet. Need another copy? No problem! You can download it anytime at Simply select “Event Lists” from “Events” in the main menu. Of course, you can also simply check the online calendar as well. It is absolutely vital that everyone be at Tuesday’s rehearsal as we will be teaching the majority of the show visuals on Tuesday night.

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