Important information regarding tonight’s Roughriders Trip

The City of Richardson and Dallas County have informed RISD that they will begin spraying for mosquitos earlier tonight, starting at 8:30pm. As you all know, we are departing for the Roughriders baseball game tonight at 5:30pm and expect to be returning to RHS at around 10:30pm-11:00pm. After checking with the RISD Administration on this issue, it has been determined that we will still be going to the Roughriders game, but will be taking precautions upon our arrival back to Richardson.

Upon our arrival this evening, we will check to listen if a plane is overhead. If there is no plane, we will send the students immediately to their cars or to the Band Hall to await their rides. If we do hear a plane, we will hold the kids on the bus until the plane is gone and then release them as stated above. Students waiting for rides will not be allowed to wait outside so parents should come into the Band Hall to pick up their kids.

Additionally, we request that anyone who has a student traveling with us this evening sign up for the Twitter text message alerts in order to ensure that their son/daughter is picked up as soon as we arrive back to RHS. Instructions for signing up for Twitter, following the RHS Band (@RHSGEB) and having alerts sent to your phone can be found here:

We will send out a Twitter message upon our leaving the Roughriders stadium tonight and upon our arrival at RHS. Parents who do not follow us on Twitter can also check the front page of the Band website where the Twitter messages are listed under the “Mr. Linley says” column on the bottom left of the page.

We have been assured that, by taking the above precautions, our traveling to the game tonight will be a safe and enjoyable experience, however we understand if you choose to keep your son/daughter at home. If so, please know that our tickets have already been purchased and we will not be able to give refunds. It would also be helpful if you could send us an email ( to inform us that your son/daughter will not be traveling with us. This way, we can take them off the roll call list.

We look forward to a very fun and safe evening tonight for the students of the RHS Band!

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