2012 Magazine Fundraiser Kicks-Off

Dear GEB Parents:

Today we kicked off our annual RABC magazine fundraiser. Each band member received a parent letter and information packet.  For those who are new to the program, it’s important to know that 40% of every sale will be credited to the participating students’ accounts.  This is a great way to finish up your band fees or get a head start on saving for the spring trip. You can download a quick “info sheet” by clicking here.

In addition, online shopping can be done year-round here or through the band website under the “Fundraising” tab. Simply enter the Store ID 2676070 then enter your student’s name and proceed to shop. Pass this information along to family and friends and get credit for their orders as well.

Students have a chance to win cash and/or a “one-hour late pass to band camp” by participating—see the parent letter for details (attached).  Envelopes with orders and money are due on or before Tuesday, 8/21/12 and should be placed in the band safe (located in the hall outside the Directors’ offices).  If your student did not receive a packet, there are extras in the band hall library.

Happy selling!

Rhonda Walls
Magazine Sale Chair

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