RHS 5K Performance Info

Note: This performance is required only for leadership team members and drumline. All others may disregard. Please contact Mr. Marquez with any questions.

Section Leaders, Drumline and Drum Majors,

On March 3rd, we have the privilege to perform at the Richardson High School 5K event. This is a great opportunity to represent the school, exhibit our musicianship, and serve the community. In other words, it is very important that everyone is present. Unlike the 5K Fun Run, this event will not last more than an hour (total) and the benefits will go directly into the RHS Eagle fund! Below you will find very helpful information regarding the morning’s activity.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012


  • 8:15 AM — 8:25 PM: Doors of RHS band hall are opened for students to pick up instruments.
  • 8:25 AM — 8:35 AM: Walk TOGETHER from band hall to site.
  • 8:35 AM — 8:45 AM: Set up arcs/ warm up.
  • 8:45AM: Performance starts.
  • 9:00 AM: Race officially starts.
  • 9:10 AM: Performance ends. FREE Donuts!
  • 9:15 AM — 9:25 AM: Walk back to the RHS band hall. Doors of RHS band hall are re-opened for students to return instruments.

 Band member attendees:

  •  Drum Majors (bring instruments)
  • Section Leaders
  • ALL Drumline (marching cymbals only)

 What to bring

  • Instrument
  •  Flip folder
  •  Lyre

 What to wear

  • RHS band polo
  • RHS spirit wear
  • Jeans

 *If you are unable to make this event, you will need to find a sub. Please email me the name of the person who will be covering for you. It is your responsibility to forward this information to them.

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