All Region Band Info

This information pertains to those students who made the All Region Band. 

Congratulations on being selected for the Region 3 All Region Band. Below, you will find the details pertaining to the January 19th-20th Clinic/Concert to be held in Mesquite.


Be sure to bring a sack dinner today. You will be released from your 7th period class. Once 7th period starts, come to the band hall. We will sort out Concert attire, eat the dinner you brought and wait for the bus to arrive. The bus will delver you to your rehearsal location in Mesquite. The rehearsals for the 5 different region bands are spread at 4 different MISD locations. No worries – the bus will take you where you need to go. Be sure to bring your instrument, accessories, etc with you. The last band finishes its rehearsal at 9:00pm. All students should be back at RHS for pick up around 9:45pm. Once we return, be sure to pick up your Concert Attire from the hanging racks and bring it home with you.


All Region Band members will meet at Berkner HS on Friday morning at ______. Be sure that you have:

  1. all of your Region Concert music
  2. instrument
  3. concert attire
  4. needed accessories (mutes, extra reeds, etc)
  5. Money for lunch
At Berkner, you will load the bus for your ensemble (aka All Region Wind Enesemble, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Freshman Band). The bus will take you (along with all of the other RISD students in your region band) to your rehearsal. After the morning rehearsal, you will load the bus to head to lunch. You will need cash for lunch. Where you go for lunch depends on the location of your rehearsal. After lunch, the bus will take you back to your rehearsal site for the afternoon rehearsal. Once the afternoon rehearsal is finished, (unless you are already rehearsing at John Horn) you will re-load the bus for the final time and head to John Horn HS for the Concert.
All RHS folks will meet together for dinner at John Horn HS where we are having Jason’s Deli sandwiches delivered (this is the $5.00 that you prepaid). Following the All Region Concert (see schedule below), each band member will need to check out (with his/her parent) for the evening with Mr. Marquez who will be located in the lobby of the Auditorium. There will be no transportation home from John Horn HS. All Region Band members are expected to ride home with parents. 
Concert Performance Schedule
All Concerts at John Horn HS
6:00p: Region Freshman Band
6:45p: Region Concert Band
7:30p: Region Symphonic Band
8:15p: Region Wind Symphony
9:00p: Region Wind Ensemble

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