UIL Region Marching Info!


2:25p: Students arrive in band hall (released from 6th and 7th)
2:45p: Stadium rehearsal (w/ shako & plume)
3:45p: Rehearsal ends. Snack. Get changed into uniform
4:15p: Inspection
4:30p: Load buses, depart for Mesquite
5:45p: Arrive at Memorial Stadium
6:40p: Warm up
7:30p: Performance (GEB Parents and Fans go NUTS as we take the field!)
7:45p: Results announced
8:00p: Dinner
8:45p: Load buses, depart for Richardson
9:45p: Estimated dismissal time at RHS.

Additional Details

  • Dress for Success! As is tradition, all members of the GEB dress up in their finest for school on UIL day.
  • All students should bring the following items with them in the morning:
    • All uniform accessories (gloves, gauntlets, socks, marching shoes)
    • Duffle Bag
    • Instrument
  • Students are welcome (but not required) to bring:
    • Money for patches, souvenirs, concession stand, etc
    • Homework
  • It is not recommended that students bring personal electronics or anything of value that may be easily lost or stolen.

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