Homecoming Info

It’s one of the most exciting weeks of the year – HOMECOMING! This is a big week for the band as we have several important performances associated with Homecoming. Information is below!

Homecoming Pep Rally

The schedule for the Homecoming Pep-Rally is a little different than our other Pep Rallies as this one lasts a bit longer. Students will need their flip folders and lyres. Additionally, please note that we will be wearing the Casual Uniform to both the Pep-Rally AND the Homecoming Parade. Students may wear their mums/garters to the Pep-Rally.

  • RHS Band Polo
  • Band issued khaki shorts
  • Tennis shoes w/ socks
  • A black or brown belt
  • Flip Folder/Lyre

Homecoming Parade

All band members will be released from their classes at 2:00pm this Friday in order to prepare for the Homecoming Parade. After a brief inspection, we’ll walk down to the parade starting zone and set up for the parade. Transportation details are still being worked out. That being said, we will all travel together: this is to ensure the safety of the students and our equipment. The logistics for the homecoming parade will be very similar to the March-a-thon. Directly following our performance in the Homecoming Parade, we’ll swing by the band hall and head to the stadium for our show performance. Students may wear their mums/garters during our Homecoming Parade performance. Please note that the uniform for the Homecoming Parade is the same as the pep rally listed above.

Homecoming Game

This week, in order to allow for the Homecoming festivities, the band will be performing its show during Pre-Game. The band is scheduled to start its performance at 7:05pm. We will wear standard full contest uniform for the game. Specific itinerary details for the game are on the Online Calendar. In order to prevent damage to the uniform, students may only wear mums/garters that do not need to be pinned to the uniform. No one may wear mums/garters during our on field performances.  Any mum that must be pinned to be worn, will not be allowed.

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